This Is Us To Delve Into Beth And Toby’s Lives Pre-Pearsons

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This Is Us is known for playing around with time. We get stories from the past, stories from the present and now glimpses into the future. So far they have primarily focused on Rebecca, Jack and the Big 3 (Kate, Kevin and Randall). There have been a few other characters that have had their stories explored, notably William and Deja and (through Rebecca and Jack’s story) Miguel, however, that number is set to expand with the upcoming third season and we can’t wait to find out more.

Last month at Comic Con, Jon Huertas revealed that there was a Miguel-centric episode in the coming season. However, given the sensitive nature of adding Miguel to the mix, this is likely to take place later in the season. As Huertas remarked, “You can’t push Miguel down people’s throats right now, because Jack and Rebecca, it’s everyone’s dream to be in a relationship like that where both people are so dedicated to each other, no matter what. You have to go really slow and really watch your step. I feel like you’re walking through a minefield.”

Yesterday (August 8) it was announced that season 3 will also take a look at Beth and Toby’s life pre-Pearsons.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, series co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger told the assembled reporters, “We’re going to be going into [Toby’s] backstory. We’re going to be going into Beth’s backstory for the first time, which we’re really excited about.”

While it will be interesting to have this greater insight into Toby, it is Beth’s backstory that particularly interests me. She is such a fascinating, strong character, who really holds their family together. She’s intelligent, articulate, go-getter and just seeing where she came from will be great, especially given what we can surmise is ahead of her based on the flashforward in the season two finale.

Both Berger and co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker have described season 3 as “a hopeful season” and one that is “about true new beginnings for everybody”. Following the intensity of last season, some hope and new beginnings is very welcome, but it wouldn’t be This Is Us without some angst, drama and tears, and from the sound of things, this looks to be centred around Toby for a lot of this season. During the first half of the season, viewers will learn about the circumstances of his depression Berger revealed, adding, “We’re going to be seeing Toby go through various challenges.”

And don’t think the he and Kate have given up the dream of starting their own family, that is still very much present in season 3. “Obviously, we showed last season their journey to have a family,” Berger said. “That’s a journey that we’re going to be continuing this year, and there’s going to be the stresses of your first year of marriage.”

Sounds like we will still need to make sure we have bulk-bought the tissues yet again when tuning into This Is Us. Start buying up now, season 3 premieres Tuesday September 25 at 9/8c on NBC.

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