Matt Ryan Teases Constantine’s Direction And The Changing Dynamics For Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4

DC Comics’ Constantine is finally getting the attention he deserves on the small screen, much to the delight of his portrayer Matt Ryan.

Ryan recently spoke out how excited he was about the opportunity to step into Constantine’s shoes, especially after his first go as the infamous exorcist didn’t go so well.  “The show was cancelled after 13 episodes and I was disappointed because I felt like we were just getting the tone right,” the actor shared.

Ryan first jumped onto screens as the titular character in Constantine, which aired on NBC. After its cancellation, the actor was given the opportunity to play him again in guest spots on Arrow and Legends. “We were just getting going – and, at every stop on the journey with this character, I’ve always felt it was over. But they just keep on pulling me back in,” said Ryan.

Thankfully, Legends is Ryan’s new home for Constantine, which delights the actor to end as he is a series regular on the hit show.  Ryan shared,”To be able to now have a run of the character – for 16 episodes – is great,” he said. “I get to explore him again. The only bad thing about it is I have to have my roots died every two and a half weeks… that’s a pain in the arse!”

The actor is expected to appear in all 16 episodes of the upcoming fourth season, which is probably a good thing considering all the dynamics and storylines they can do with him. Ryan himself is already eager to start exploring some the relationships with the various characters in the series.

“There’s so many different relationships in the Hellblazer comic books that I’ve read from doing my research, so those I kind of knew how to approach,” Ryan explained. “But now there’s all these relationships in this new scenario, so it’s all about discovering that and figuring that out, and that’s exciting.”

As far as which relationships he’s looking forward exploring, Ryan had this to say. “The relationship between John and Sara Lance (Caity Lotz)… playing that dynamic in episode 3.10, when I first came on board, it was like, ‘Oh my God, this really works!’ There’s the way he interacts with Mick (Dominic Purcell) – they’re both con artists and Mick can provide John with a light [to smoke], but other than that, are they going to get on? I don’t know. And there’s his relationship with Ray (Brandon Routh), who’s the scientist, and John’s magic… so I’m looking forward to exploring all of those.”

He’s not the only one looking forward to how everything will play out on this season as the Legends will definitely have their work cut out for them. Together with Constantine, they’ll be battling various magical creatures and working to get them back to their rightful places in time and getting history back on course.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will return on Monday, October 22 on the CW.


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