Joey King Falls In Love And Finds Herself In Summer ’03 Trailer

Credit: Big Cat Productions

Remember the cute kid from the 2010 film Ramona and Beezus? Well, Joey King is all grown up now and slaying the coming-of-age role lately. In Netflix’s The Kissing Booth, she played a teenager who falls in love with her best friend’s brother—a big “no.”

Most recently, she’s starring in Summer ‘03, a coming-of-age Indie film, which just recently released its first trailer. King also stars alongside Jack Kilmer, Andrea Savage, Paul Scheer, Erin Darke, and Stephen Ruffin.

In the film, Joey King plays Jamie, a naive teenager who is inspired to find herself after her grandmother (June Squibb) dies. The dramedy also centers on how Jaime and her family are left to pick up the pieces following the grandmother’s death.

The trailer opens with Jamie holding her grandmother’s hand as she lies in a bed at the hospital. “I don’t have much time left,” says the grandmother. “One thing in this world that you need to know. Learn how to give a good,” she begins to say before she flatlines.

While the family is left reeling after their loss, Jaime sets out to enjoy life and meets Luke (Kilmer) at the Catholic church where her grandmother’s funeral was held.

“I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in seeing someone and knowing instantly they’re gonna matter to you,” says Jamie in a voiceover.

As Jamie opens up and comes out of her shell, she faces the hardships of being a teenager—while also going through mourning alongside her family. When Luke tells Jamie their relationship was a mistake, Jamie is forced to find and lose love amidst her personal and familial turmoil.

Check out the trailer below for yourself:

Inspired by true events, Summer ‘03  is surely to be a fun, yet poignant film with its coming-of-age and family themes.

The indie film is written and directed by Becca Gleason and is set to premiere in theaters on September 28th.