It’s Christmas Time On Wynonna Earp “If We Make It Through December”

Credit: Syfy

Previously,┬áthe gang got rid of the demon plaguing Michelle and we found out that Waverly’s father is an angel!

This week, we got our first Wynonna Earp Christmas!

Santa Bulshar

At a Christmas tree farm, Nedley is playing Santa when two boys come up to him and snarkily give him their Christmas wishes. One of the boys, Tim, gets distracted and walks away from Nedley and his friend. Tim starts saying Santa’s name while walking through the trees and Nedley, knowing something is up, follows. Tim ends up walking straight to Bulshar, who’s in a large red jacket, and then we hear Tim calling for help. Nedley sees it happen but doesn’t move to do anything.

We see Tim being dragged through a disturbing looking factory where people are screaming and he is brought to Bulshar. Bulshar asks him his family name and when Tim gives it, Bulshar tells him he’s on the “naughty list” and has his minions lock Tim up in a cage with Robin (who was kidnapped in episode 4).

When Wynonna arrives to the Christmas tree lot to help out, Nicole is trying to calm the angry Purgatory residents and Nedley is sitting on a bench. Wynonna walks up to him and cracks a joke, but he doesn’t react at all, he’s catatonic. Nicole pulls Wynonna away and pushes her towards the spot Tim was taken and tells her Charlie will fill her in.

When she gets to the kidnap site, she introduces herself to Charlie, from Fire Services, and determines that the site was staged to make it look like Tim was killed.

Wynonna collects a sample of the blood and brings it to Jeremy for analysis and then calls Waverly to find out about Tim’s family. She tells Wynonna that Tim is from one of the original Purgatory families, which confirms Bulshar is behind the kidnapping. They don’t know what Bulshar wants with the old families, so Wynonna suggests paying Kate a visit.

When Doc and Wynonna visit Kate, she doesn’t tell them anything useful about Bulshar’s plans for the original families, but we do find out she’s been a vampire the entire time Doc has known her.

While out with a search party, Nicole finds a red petal on the ground. At HQ, Jeremy tells the gang that type of flower is found near factories that produce noxious odors and they make a list of places to check. They decide to cover more ground by splitting up instead of visiting each location as a group.

At Bulshar’s factory, his minions drag a townsperson to a chair and restrain him. Bulshar tells the people in cages to watch like their ancestors watched his final moments and feeds the townsperson one of the wonky walnuts we saw in episode one. The minions strap a tube to the man’s mouth and he is fed some green goop.

Bulshar tells Tim that his great great grandfather betrayed him and sold him out to Wyatt Earp. Bulshar is about to take Tim to the chair when Robin steps up and tells Bulshar it’s his turn, so Bulshar takes Robin.

Shortly after Wynonna gets to the factory, Charlie pulls up and tells her Jeremy gave him the address. Wynonna gives him a quick test with Peacemaker and then lets him help her. Conveniently, the factory Wynonna chose to check is the one with all the kidnapped townspeople, so she and Charlie are able to rescue them all. Unfortunately, Bulshar escaped.

Despite the fact the kidnapped townspeople were saved, the entire incident shakes Nedley enough for him to resign as Sheriff.

Christmas at the Homestead

The episode starts with Michelle going all out and decorating the Homestead for Christmas for the first time in 20 years. Wynonna and Doc both try to add their touches to the decorating but Michelle shoots them down, wanting to do it her way.

Wynonna and Waverly have a quick chat about their mom and how weird it is to have her back and Wynonna tells Waverly not to leave Michelle alone. Wynonna also takes the chance to tell Waverly what Bobo said about her father, Julian, being an angel.

Waverly immediately goes to her mother, who’s elbow deep in a turkey, and starts asking about Julian. Michelle calls Waverly her miracle baby and tells her that Julian was everything Ward wasn’t, then he just left without saying a word. Wynonna suggests that Bobo could have been lying about Waverly being an angel and Michelle reveals that Bobo was there when Waverly was born.

Waverly decides to pay Bobo a visit to find out more about the day she was born. We see a flashback of Bobo finding Michelle and baby Waverly in the greenhouse. Michelle begged for him to help her save Waverly and when he heard Waverly’s name, he knew she was special. He took Waverly to Ward, but Ward rejected her and Bobo threatened to kill Ward if he hurt Waverly. After Bobo tells the story, Waverly’s skeptical of his story and asks him about Julian’s whereabouts, but Bobo won’t tell her until he’s out of the well.

Later, after the successful rescue mission, the gang goes to the Homestead for Christmas dinner. They toast to fallen comrades and Nicole’s promotion and then Doc kind of awkwardly leaves. Michelle tells Wynonna and Waverly how proud she is of the family they created.

After dinner, Wynonna tries helping Michelle with the dishes, but Michelle won’t let her and tells her to go after Doc. Wynonna tells her she doesn’t think she deserves him and Michelle tells her not to settle like she did. Wynonna offers to put pressure on Bobo to find Julian but Michelle turns it down. Wynonna leaves to go find Charlie instead of Doc and NOOOOOOOO!

Michelle pays Bobo a visit and tells him he shouldn’t have told Waverly anything and wants information on Julian and throws a rope down to him.

Other Notable Plot Points

  • Doc goes to Kate and has her turn him.

  • Jeremy spends most of the episode believing that Robin ghosted him/isn’t interested, but after he is rescued Robin lets him know he’s interested by kissing him and inviting him to Christmas dinner.

  • Waverly puts on a sexy Santa outfit and performs a song and dance for Nicole to properly congratulate her on her promotion.