Is The Big Bang Theory Coming Back For Season 13? Early Talks Are Already Happening

Credit: CBS

When The Big Bang Theory comes back this fall for its twelfth season, it will be closing out its automatically renewal, which means the hit comedy series will once again be part of the renewal/cancellation process that comes about every spring.

The series has been rather fortunate in the past few years to land renewals for back to back seasons, and it looks like its parent network is already looking ahead for a thirteenth season. CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl told reporters Sunday that he has begun “preliminary discussions” to renew the sitcom for a 13th season.

Early talks of renewal really shouldn’t come as a huge surprise for those who are fans of the show. It continues to dominate in the ratings field year after year. That being said, the renewal talks did catch the show’s executive producer Bill Prady offguard as he took to Twitter to share his surprised reaction to the news.

Prady did responded to some fan questions as his reaction was surprising to them. “Don’t you have something to with it?” one fan asked. “Nope,” was Prady’s response.

As previously stated, the sitcom has made headlines in the past few years for its two-season renewals, which the latest one took place in 2017. The original stars of the show, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, and Kunal Nayyar, also reupped their contracts for two seasons as did Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik.

According to executive producer Steve Holland, the endgame is still being mapped out. “We’ve talked about if next season is the end where we would like to leave these characters, so we have some general plans,” he said. “But we really haven’t sat down and done the nitty-gritty of talking about the specifics of what exactly needs to happen.”

Given that nearly on the characters on the show have achieved some kind of domestic bliss in their lives, the show ending should be the next step as it is better to go out on a high note.

The Big Bang Theory is slated to return on September 24th.

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