Iron Fist Season Two Trailer Leaves Us Tentatively Hopeful

Credit: Marvel/Netflix

Iron Fist exists in a strange middle-ground with the Marvel/Netflix offerings. On the one hand, the first season was universally loathed by critics and audiences alike. Subsequent appearances of Danny Rand, however, in both The Defenders and Luke Cage prove that it was more showrunner error than anything else.

(Between the first season of Iron Fist and The Inhumans we can just agree that Scott Buck is not allowed near Marvel properties, right?)

When a new showrunner was announced for season two, fans were tentatively hopeful. Could Raven Metzner give us the Danny Rand we so richly deserve?

Based on the newly released season two trailer? The answer looks to be…yes. A very tentative yes. We’ve been burned bad here people.

Also badly burned? Danny’s childhood friend Davos (Sacha Dawan) who believes the mantle of the Iron Fist should be his. Hopefully with Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) and Misty Knight (Simone Missick), the Daughters of the Dragon and the Iron Fist can take the Steel Serpent down.

Not to mention there’s Typhoid Mary (Alice Eve) to contend with.

Check out the trailer below. Maybe, just maybe, we’re finally getting the Danny Rand we deserve.

Iron Fist returns September 9th on Netflix.

Bec Heim