How Wonder Woman’s New Comic Team Plans To Make Their Mark

Credit: DC Comics

Wonder Woman is about to get a new team and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Following the high profile relaunch of the Superman and Justice League comics, Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) creator G. Willow Wilson and Conan the Barbarian artist Cary Nord will take over the on-going Wonder Woman book.

In November, the duo will begin with “The Just War”, which will see classic villain Ares reintroduced and teases some status quo changes for Themyscria.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Wilson and Nord shared their excitement about taking the reigns on such an iconic character.

On writing for such an iconic character, Wilson admits her plan is staying true to Wonder Woman’s roots.

“One of the things about doing the comic is that you do take all that history into consideration; you’re creating for a different audience [than the movies]. I think every time a new creative team takes over a book, they want to make it as new reader friendly as possible to add new readership to the book, and they do it via extemporaneous explanation that hopefully doesn’t weigh the narrative down too much. But I think comic book readers are familiar with this in a way that the general viewing public may not be, and that’s what makes it more fun — you’re bringing back a villain who maybe hasn’t been seen for 10 or 20 years, and you just drop them in. There’s a group of people who’ll be super excited to see them! That, to me, is what’s cool about the book; that you get to use that history and allow it to inform your interpretation of the character.”

Nord, meanwhile, plans on bringing his own perspective to the book.

“…when I approach a project, I don’t want to have too much [external] influence, because I want to say things in my own voice. I don’t really think too much about it — I have just developed an instinct for my work over all these years.”

As for what to expect from the new book? Wilson and Nord are both very excited about what the other has brought to table.

Wilson said of the “classic scenario” she brings, “Steve Trevor’s gone missing, and Wonder Woman wants to go find him. And then we try to hold it upside down by its ankles and see what falls out of its pockets. It starts as a very classic story, and almost immediate there’s a twist that I think takes it in a new and exciting direction. I think there’s material in there that will be very satisfying to long-term readers of the series, but at the same time, there will be a convenient doorway for new readers to get into the character.”

On the art side, Nord added, “For me, it’s all about my portrayal of Wonder Woman and her world, and whether it resonates with people. It’s always interesting to see another artist’s take on a character, doing things that are hopefully unique to them and hasn’t been captured by someone else before.”

Nord and Wilson take over Wonder Woman come November 2018.

Bec Heim