Further Doctor Who Leak Reveals New Tardis Interior

Credit: BBC

A couple of weeks ago set photographer Ben Blackall inadvertently released photos on his website that revealed previously unannounced guests, storylines and set designs for season 11 of Doctor Who. This was something of an upset for the production team, led by new showrunner Chris Chibnall. The production has been shrouded in secrecy so the leaks were not something the team wanted to have to deal with again.

Unfortunately the ultra-secretive production has been hit again, as a set photo has now been leaked showing the new TARDIS console room, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. The photo shows crystalline structures and hexagonal features, as partially visible in the official photo released by the BBC (shown above) and also matching the new-style sonic screwdriver revealed at San Diego Comic-Con last month.

The new TARDIS sets have developed as an integral and indeed iconic part of the Doctor’s regenerations over the show’s 55 year history, and the new look has been held back as a big first-episode reveal for each new Doctor.

The photo appears to have been taken by a member of the production team on the Cardiff set, where production for season 11 wrapped last week.

Apparently it’s not just the appearance of the leaked photo that has caused upset for the production showrunners. Doctor Who and Sherlock production designer Arwel Jones posted this angry tweet about the leak:

As well as Ben Blackall’s accidental reveal and this new photo, the show’s production team have been trying to chase down the source of video footage from the season’s first episode leaked earlier this year. BBC Studios have apparently sought to subpoena Microsoft to trace the ‘infringer or infringers’ from Microsoft’s One Drive file storage service.

The show’s 11th season is due to air in the UK and US later this year, beginning with a feature length episode, followed by nine 50 minute episodes.

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