Everyone’s Lying In The Newest Bad Times At The El Royale Trailer

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Bad Times At The El Royale isn’t just Chris Hemsworth frolicking through wildflowers with an open shirt. Though, to be honest, we wouldn’t mind watching two hours of that.

No there are a lot more sinister secrets being hidden. However, it looks like they will brought into the light.

In the newest trailer for El Royale, we learn a bit more about what the characters are hiding. Jeff Bridges is a priest who may not be a priest. Jon Hamm is a vacuum salesman who is making some shady phone calls. The concierge (Lewis Pullman) spies on everyone, which is totally normal and not at all creepy. Then there is Emily (Dakota Johnson) who is running with her sister (Cailee Spaeny) from Hemsworth’s cult leader with the bodacious bod.

It’s going to be one crazy night at this crazy place, presented by Drew Goddard.

The real question is, just what is everyone hiding and who will survive the night?

Check out the trailer below.

Bad Times at the El Royale hits theatres October 12th.

Bec Heim