BBC Confirms When Doctor Who Series 11 Will Air

Credit: BBC

Could the eight-month wait for the new series of Doctor Who be coming to an end? It appears that way.

In the latest issue of Radio Times, the BBC have confirmed series 11 will begin airing “by October.” That turns our wait from months to weeks, Whovians. But would an actual premiere date have been so hard to say?

This narrower time frame is a definite improvement from the previously reported “Autumn” air date. We know that filming on series 11 has already wrapped, and the teaser trailer unveiled last month at San Diego Comic Con provided us with the first major look at Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor.

We also know that series 11 will be 10 episodes long. A premiere in September would lead Whittaker quite easily into what should be her first proper Doctor Who Christmas Special. Regeneration episodes don’t count, if you ask me.

According to Digital Spy, the intense secrecy behind everything related to the new season is part of new showrunner Chris Chibnall’s plan to encourage everyone to watch the show live when it airs.

“Wouldn’t it be brilliant if everybody watches these episodes at the same time, as much as possible? Doctor Who is one of those shows that can still hopefully do that,” he said.

That strategy may also have something to do with the leaked footage that has plagued the showrunner and series this year. Footage of Whittaker’s premiere episode as the Doctor leaked online earlier this year and a couple of weeks ago a photographer inadvertently released promotional pictures of the new season, including of unannounced guest cast and storylines, to his website. The most recent leak came from a production crew member who posted a photo of the new TARDIS interior online.

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