Arrow Season Seven To Explore Smoak Technologies

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Season seven of Arrow will be different. This was quickly established with a change in showrunner, and as the woman herself, Beth Schwartz, confirmed at San Diego Comic Con, the show will have a bit of a new feel to it.

The change in leadership comes at a turning point in Oliver’s life. The end of season six has our titular hero publicly admit to being the Green Arrow, and as a result of his past actions, finds him in prison. Now, how long Oliver will have to stay behind bars is the best kept secret on set, or so it seems. Schwartz and her team of writers have been incredibly tight-lipped when it comes to teasers and spoilers for the new season, which is honestly quite thrilling.

While Oliver gets himself in trouble with fellow inmates, Felicity and William are suffering from his imprisonment at home. “Felicity is definitely coping the worst, I would say,” Schwartz said in a recent interview with TVLine. “It’s been tough for her.” Oliver’s absence will also force Felicity to become more proactive and take action, as she is now responsible for her own, as well as William’s safety.

However, it seems that at least in one aspect Felicity’s life seems to progress positively. Again in very cryptic fashion Schwartz teased that season seven would delve into something some fans have been waiting impatiently for. “It has to do with Smoak Tech,” said the showrunner. “It’s possible you might see something like that this season.”

If Smoak Technologies sounds familiar to you, it’s because the company was first introduced in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. In season one the legends made their way to Star City in 2046, a dark future in which the city is ruled by criminals. They pass the former Palmer Tech building, now sporting the Smoak Technologies logo (see still below).

In a future where Ray never returned from his mission with the legends and was still considered dead, Felicity had renamed the company and taken over as CEO. The legends ultimately use some of her technology, but little has come of the company in the present since then.

Credit: The CW

In the last season of Arrow Felicity had started working on developing new technology with Curtis under the name Helix Dynamics, but sadly the series did not invest a lot of screen time into this particular story arc, and it felt more like a side note that never led anywhere. Now it seems that is about to change.

If Beth Schartz’s words are anything to go by, Felicity’s professional life will be explored in a bit more detail next season, and we couldn’t be happier. Felicity’s knowledge and passion for STEM has always been one of her more interesting character traits, and it will be good to see her return to those roots.

Arrow returns with season seven Monday, October 15 at 8/7c on The CW.

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