4YE Quick List: Top 5 Summer Movies

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Summer is heading to an end which means now it’s the best time to take a look back on the best movies that hit theatres during this season.

It was definitely the summer of sequels, ones we have been waiting for.

One of them was Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

In 2015 the mythos of Jurassic Park was brought back on the big screen with the modern sequel Jurassic World. The story of the island of dinosaurs is set in the same universe as the old Jurassic Park series. On Isla Nublar opens a new kind of Jurassic Park – better, bigger, a Jurassic World. That theme park goes down in the first Jurassic World movie, and the plot of the second is all about saving these creatures from the island. At least this is what the main characters were led to believe. The sequel is probably not one of the strongest movies in the series but it takes us back to the world of dinosaurs and is a perfect bridge to future Jurassic World movies that will take the whole story to a new level. To those who haven’t seen it, do it and get ready for Jurassic World 3. All I can say is, “Welcome to Jurassic World.”

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Not a sequel, but a prequel and a part of the Purge series, The First Purge tells the story of how the fictional American tradition of the Purge came to life with a test run on Staten Island, New York. The so-called Purge is the idea of the USA having one night every year in which all crimes, including murder, are legal. It’s the fourth movie of the series but the story takes place before The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy, and The Purge: Election Year. Movies of the series are known as fictional but political. It was not a coincidence that Election Year hit theatres in the same year as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were up as candidates for president. Nor does it seems to be a coincidence that the posters for The First Purge remind us of a very famous baseball cap. It’s unknown if The First Purge is the last movie of the series, but it’s a good one. You shouldn’t miss it, especially if you have seen the other Purge movies as well. Even if you haven’t – it’s a prequel. It is the first Purge. You can’t do wrong by entering the series with The First Purge.

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Love, Simon tells the story of a pretty normal boy. Someone who is just like you and me. Normal parents, normal sister, normal friends, normal life. Just has a huge secret that he keeps from everyone – Simon is gay. And the fact why this movie is so important is that it’s not like other teenage movies with topics like this. It’s more about the inner conflict of Simon and the fear of being seen different than having homophobic parents, friends, siblings or classmates that make life complicated. It’s about finding yourself, accepting yourself and finding love, because if this movie taught us anything, it’s that everyone deserves a great love story. Even though Simons coming out is not his own choice, he starts to open up step by step. One of the most touching scenes of the movie is when his mom tells him that it is okay for him to breathe again. He needed to hear that he was still the same. This progress and the beautiful online love story between Simon, who calls himself Jacques in the e-mails, and his love Blue, makes this movie one of the best movies of this summer – if not one of the best in this whole year 2018.


Credit: Marvel Studios

The MCU is one of the biggest franchises right now and in Avengers: Infinity War, we get to see more superheroes than ever before in one movie. Whenever if you are more a fan of Thor or Guardians of the Galaxy – this movie had something for almost every fan of the MCU. Not to forget the great showdown in Wakanda. But it also broke our hearts with more than one tragic loss of beloved characters. It left us with sort of a cliffhanger – because no one really wants to believe that that’s it. It can’t be, right? We need to know. So this summer, we not only got a great piece of the MCU, we were also left with a lot of excitement for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie and more Avengers sequels. Because really, that just can’t be it!


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The freshest comedy of this summer with two powerful women in the lead. Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon are super funny in their roles as women that are thrust unexpectedly into an international conspiracy after they find out that Audrey’s (Mila Kunis) Ex-Boyfriend actually works for the CIA. They jump right into the action and try to save the world. Not one of the most realistic movies, true. But it’s funny and perfect for a ladies night. In the end, it’s a feel-good movie, and sometimes that is exactly what we need. It made this summer a little bit sweeter for us.