SDCC 2018: The Stars And Producers Of The Man In The High Castle On Going Sci-Fi In Season Three

Credit: Amazon

Saturday was a big day for The Man in the High Castle. In addition to unveiling a season three trailer, the Amazon Prime original series also announced a premiere date for season three (Oct. 5) and an early renewal for season four.

At a panel on Saturday at Comic-Con, a new teaser was unveiled that shows the major changes ahead for all of the core characters. More and more of them are discovering the existence of other realities, which pits the Resistance even more against the Nazis as each battle for control in their world and for access to other worlds. Check out the new teaser below.

During an interview prior the panel, executive producers Isa Dick Hackett and Dan Percival said the series was going “full sci-fi,” as Hackett put it in season three. But the core message of the show remained the same: “wanting to offer hope in such a bleak world,” Hackett said.

The two EPs acknowledged that current world events seem to tie into the series but they are not intentionally making those connections.

“We’re not seeking to reflect current political effects worldwide,” Percival said.

“They’re reflecting us,” Hackett added.

High Castle is very cognizant of acknowledging and respecting the effects of Nazism and fascism had in the real world during and post WWII. Percival said they have always had “faith in our cast to bring characters to life” but everyone also wants “to honor that reality, that truth, even though we’re working in a false reality.”

The streaming format of High Castle allows for a 10-part narrative, rather than an episodic story construction. That, in turn, allows for deeper consideration of characters’ motivations and motives.

Rufus Sewell, who plays John Smith, a high-ranking American Nazi officer, pushed back against that notion that Smith is evil. “I don’t think he’s a patriot,” Sewell said about Smith’s loyalty to the Reich. “The reason he’s made the decisions he’s made is to protect his family.”

Fans have often wondered whether Smith might end up helping the Resistance, especially after the end of season two where his son, who has a genetic disorder, seemingly gave himself over to the government to be euthanized. Without giving away spoilers, Sewell could only say, “As far as I’m concerned, there have always been doubts [in Smith’s mind].”

As we see in the season three teaser, Smith is now aware of other realities and that idea of another life hovers over him, Sewell said, but privately. For Alexa Davalos’ Juliana Crain, that idea is at the forefront of her actions. “She’s the only one tapping into the alternate versions of herself,” Davalos said. “She’s very porous. She’s able to absorb so many things.”

In season three, Juliana will meet a new character played by Jason O’Mara. Details about the character are slim at the moment but we know he’s from O’Mara’s native Ireland and he’s experienced persecution at the hands of the Nazis. Like many other characters on the show, he operates in a grey area of morality as a hustler, though O’Mara said, “I think he’s essentially a good person.”

He and Juliana will team up in the Resistance as they try to prevent the Nazis from controlling all realities, including their own. O’Mara finished with this quote that might as well be the show’s season 3 tagline: “As long as you fight, as long as you resist, there’s hope.”

The Man in the High Castle will premiere season three on October 5th, 2018 on Amazon Prime.

Stephanie Coats