SDCC 2018: The Good Place Panel Talks Inspiration For The Show And Who Would End Up In The Bad Place

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Holy motherforking shirtballs! Going into its third season The Good Place creator Michael Schur, producers Morgan Sackett and Drew Goddard,. The cast decided to grace us with a fun-filled Q&A, moderated by the meanest boss of all, Marc Evan Jackson, followed by a first look at the season three premiere at last weekend’s San Diego Comic Con!

Schur created The Good Place out of an interest in ethics. He says he’s not a master on the subject, and sees himself a lot in Eleanor, who is still learning about what’s right, but he also admitted to judging people out of his car in Los Angeles – he actually assigns good and bad points to people. He wanted to make sure the series wouldn’t be too dry so he decided to “mix it up with fart jokes.”

When Schur first pitched the series to Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, both of them were not only convinced by the premise, but also by each other’s involvement. Ultimately, both of them stayed with the project because of Schur. Bell said she admired Schur, who has a reputation of creating a wonderful environment on set, and she wanted to be a part of that. “I don’t want to be miserable”, she joked.

D’Arcy Carden said something similar during the panel, where she stated that she always wanted to be on a Mike Schur show with a funny ensemble cast where everyone loves each other. “And that’s what we are doing!”

Danson has often been praised for his performance. He even scored an Emmy nomination for it as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Danson e says that his performance can only be as good as the words Schur and the writers put down, and as good as the production value of the series.

“What we do is we show up and we say these astounding words, in these astounding locations with our amazing bow ties and you let the words play on you and out comes a performance” Danson said at the panel. “I don’t know how to take credit for anything on this show. I am hitting my marks, and I’m saying Mike’s words, and it just is magic.”

The cast of course spoke about the similarities and difference between their characters. Bell said she is a lot like Eleanor. They both share a love for mailmen, and Eleanor often says the horrible things that Bell is only allowed to think. The biggest difference between them is that Bell is a vegetarian and has never eaten shrimp, while Eleanor is obsessed with the fishy delicacy. The shrimp Bell eats on the show are made of rubber and taste awful.

The panel also unanimously agreed that Manny Jacinto was probably least like his character, Jason. Jacinto laughed about how he didn’t know anything about Florida before taking on the role. He has since embraced the craziness of the state and the character.

One fan also asked the gang who they think would end up in the Good Place, and who would end up in the Bad Place. Apart from Bell and Danson, everyone agreed they might be sent to the Bad Place. One thing Bell cleared up was that her former character Veronica Mars would go to the Good Place. “If you fight for someone who doesn’t have a voice, or is smaller than you, that’s how you get in.”

The Good Place returns Thursday, September 27th at 8/7c on NBC.

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