SDCC 2018: The Flash Cast Dishes On Nora Allen And Reaching 100 Episodes

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If you’re not quick enough, then you might miss all the amazing, spoiler-y moments from the newest teaser trailer for The Flash season five, which premiered at San Diego Comic-Con.

If you blinked you might have missed Barry’s (Grant Gustin) latest upgrade to the suit, which comes in the form of the long-anticipated Flash ring. The ring is given to the speedster by his daughter Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy).

Nora, whose nickname XS, is revealed in the trailer, has been worming her way into the lives of Barry, Iris (Candic Patton) and the team for the past year. When she finally revealed her identity to her parents, she changed everything. At the Comic Con panel, Patton said that she was thrown by how much Jessica Parker Kennedy looks like an exact combination of herself and Gustin.

Nora’s appearance will cause a shift in the West-Allen marriage, and will put all of them in a different head space. She will be very close to her father, while forming less of a connection with Iris, but we don’t quite know why yet. The distance between Iris and her daughter will make her question her parenting skills, particularly having grown up without a mother herself.

Still, Nora isn’t the only new face The Flash will be welcoming next season. The panel announced that Chris Klein will be joining the cast as the villain Cicada. In the comics, he was a cult leader obsessed with the Flash, who would go after the people the speedster had saved and kill them with lightning bolt shaped daggers.

While the aforementioned daggers seem to make an appearance in the teaser trailer, showrunner Todd Helbing warned that they would not strictly follow the original comics.

“We always take these villains from the comics and put them through the Flash blender”, he said. “He’s not so much a cult leader but his powers sort of present a challenge to team Flash that they’ve never dealt with before.”

Yet another new character, if not a fresh face, will be Sherloque Wells, Tom Cavanagh teased. Sherloque is the latest edition of Wells’s and Cavanagh teased that he is a “a newer one who is a very intelligent being but is maybe not to be trusted”.

Behind the scenes, Danielle Panabaker will be directing her very first episode, episode 18 of season five. Panabaker will be the first female cast member of the Arrowverse to step behind the camera to direct. Cavanagh, who has previously directed two episodes of The Flash gave her the wonderful advice “just don’t mess it up.”

Cavanagh will also be directing The Flash’s 100th episode, which will be episode eight, and the series’ mid-season finale. The panel ensures there will be twists we definitely won’t see coming.

The Flash returns with season five Tuesday, October 9th at 8/7c on The CW

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