SDCC 2018: The Cast Of Riverdale Takes Hall H To Discuss Their Characters And Season 3

Credit: LA Times

Are you ready for more mysteries? The Riverdale cast and the creatives behind the show took to the infamous Hall H last Sunday for their special preview presentation of the series’ third season.

The panel, which was moderated by Riverdale superfan Kelly Ripa, kicked off with a teaser that not only recapped the last season for us, but also gave us a first look at the season three premiere episode. The kids are trying to enjoy their summer by doing normal teenager things, such as going swimming with your friends. As showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased, this year Archie, Jughead and co will actually take school a lot more seriously and might even study for a change. He said that with starting junior year, their minds will be occupied with SATs, college applications, and internships.

Lili Reinhart stated that her character Betty had spent the summer doing an internship, and distracting herself from thinking about her father and the reveal that he was the Black Hood. One very welcome distraction will be boyfriend Jughead. “Right now, I think they are rock-solid,” said Reinhart, especially now that Betty has become the Queen of the Serpents. Reinhard stated that Betty would fully embrace that role. The couple will also return to being investigative reporters and will look into the next mystery together, so the panel.

Speaking of Jughead, his family is about to grow! The panel confirmed that his mother Gladys and sister Jellybean will make an appearance. Apart from those two, there won’t be any new characters joining the series for the first few episodes for the season, as they want to focus on the core characters.

While Bughead might be on solid ground, the earth beneath Veronica and Archie is shaking due to his arrest and the distance between them. Both Camila Mendes and KJ Apa agree that their relationship will be challenged.

Veronica will also be challenged financial, as she is now cut off from her family. Mendes said that she will start making her own money and will try to expand her empire and her power. Meanwhile her mother has gained new power in her role as the mayor, which results in a shift in power within her marriage. Hiram, as the patriarch of the Lodge family, will try to win his daughter back and get her back on his side, but he has to be careful and watch his back.

Another family that is only starting to form are the Keller/McCoy’s. With Kevin and Josie’s parents dating, the two of them will develop a sibling-like dynamic, and they might even share a bathroom. Knowing both Casey Cott and Ashleigh Murray have great voices, Aguirre-Sacasa said that there will definitely be some duos between the two of them. Kevin himself will spend the first part of the new season working out his tentative relationship with Moose.



One character that made the biggest transformation over the course of the last two seasons was Cheryl Blossom. When asked what originated that change, Madelaine Petsch said that 100% of her growth comes from Cheryl coming out. “She has blossomed, she is living her truth now, and that’s why she’s changed,” said Petsch. The actress also said that Cheryl will find herself on a power high, as she has gained confidence from her relationship with Toni, her emancipation, and of course her popularity at school. This will likely result in her becoming even more power-hungry in the future.

Riverdale will return with season 3 Wednesday October 10 on The CW.

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