SDCC 2018: Fear The Walking Dead Drops New Trailer And Teases What To Expect In Season 4B

Credit: AMC

After a startling season four midseason finale, Fear the Walking Dead isn’t backing down. In fact, they are ramping up the action and the tension.

With the shocking loss of Madison Clark, the group is left without their main leader and their guiding light. During their panel at Comic Con on Friday, FTWD unveiled a new trailer for the back half of season four.

At a press conference following the panel, the cast and creative team went more in-depth about the changes the show has experienced over the last three and a half seasons and what is still to come. Writer Ian Goldberg said the theme for the upcoming half-season is very much about redemption and answering the question “How will they carry on Madison’s legacy of bringing hope and light?”

One person a lot of fans are turning to for answers is Alycia Debman-Carey whose character Alicia is now the only surviving member of her family. The actress noted that Alicia has experienced one of the biggest character transitions of anyone on the show. “It’s been a really exciting journey for me,” she said. “She went from a teenage girl to a fearless warrior… We now get to see Alicia completely as her own character.”

A newer addition to the show but not to the Walking Dead universe is Lennie James’ Morgan, who made the crossover from The Walking Dead to Fear in season four. Although he joked about making Fear “better than the other show,” James said he agreed to make the jump between series because he felt there was a story to tell for Morgan on Fear.

“There would be no point to the crossover if it was just a gimmick,” he said and then added, cheekily, “If we end up kicking the other guy’s [TWD] ass, that’s a bonus.”

Although TWD’s upcoming season will jump ahead two years, the time jump doesn’t rule out any other crossovers between the two shows, according to Scott Gimple. Speaking about the difference between the shows, Gimple and showrunner Andrew Chambliss said the “elasticity” of Fear allows them to explore other aspects of surviving during a zombie apocalypse, such as the impending hurricane in season four.

Chambliss also spoke about the double-edged sword of not having a comic series to look to for story inspiration the way TWD can. It allows them more freedom in storytelling and the Fear universe “lends itself to reinvention.” He also said they often look at what TWD isn’t doing and search for ideas of what they can integrate into Fear.

New actors and characters are also coming in season four and the core cast has welcomed them with open arms. Asked whether they hesitate to form bonds with cast members in case their characters are later killed off, Colman Domingo said, “You go full-hearted with everyone… and become a family.”

Danay Garcia echoed that sentiment, adding that it’s important to be completely present with whomever you’re sharing a scene with. That doesn’t mean losing characters and members of the cast isn’t hard. Domingo said it’s “devastating” but they are always looking for ways to embrace whoever joins the cast next.

Fear the Walking Dead season four returns on AMC on August 12th.

Stephanie Coats