SDCC 2018: Arrow Cast Talks Oliver’s Prison Time, Longbow Hunters, And What To Expect For Season 7

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The cast and creators of DCTV’s origin show Arrow have found their way back to San Diego for their annual special preview of the upcoming season. They started off the panel by showing a short teaser for the season seven premiere, and guess who’s back? Shirtless Oliver! If you were wondering why Arrow star Stephen Amell has been hitting the gym a lot more recently, that’s why.

The new season brings a big change behind the scenes for Arrow, with Beth Schwartz taking over as showrunner. Schwartz started on the show as a writer’s assistant in season one, and has written a handful of episodes since then. The woman herself said that her influence will be felt, but the tone of the show itself won’t change. Colton Haynes, who will re-join the cast as a series regular this season, called it “the best spin put on the show since the show started”.

With Oliver in prison our hero is struggling to keep going, counting the days away from his family and friends. Inmate 4587 is also running into some old foes, particularly those he put in prison himself, including Cody Runnels’ Derek Simpson. “There’s nothing about him that’s heroic,” Amell said on where we see Oliver when the series returns. “If you‘re a fan and you root for the character, I hope the premiere pissed you off.“ The actor also teased that there would be a specific scene in the premiere, in which what Oliver does is reprehensible.

While Oliver is trying to keep his head down, his friends continue their mission to save Star City. With Black Siren having taken over the identity of Laurel Lance, she has firmly implemented a no-tolerance policy for vigilantism, which makes their work difficult. As Juliana Harkavy correctly stated during the panel, her character Dinah is the only one who can fight crime legally through her work with the police.

Meanwhile, William and Felicity clearly suffer under the strain that the distance from their father and husband puts on them. During the panel Emily Bett Rickards said that her character will become a lot more proactive and take action, as she is the one responsible for her family’s safety now. Unfortunately, Felicity’s career was not discussed, but the audience did ask whether motherhood was in the cards for Felicity. Schwartz gave a firm no, and said that, in the near future, there’s no plans of adding to Oliver and Felicity’s family.

On the question whether William will start archery anytime soon to follow into his father’s footsteps, Amell said that he is still a bit too young to do so. However, he said William’s arc this season is the most interesting this year. Amell further revealed that he has not shot any scenes with Jack Moore yet this season, so no Oliver/William scenes on the schedule so far.

One thing that was teased last year was the appearance of the Longbow Hunters. Schwartz confirmed that the show would introduce Red Dart, Kodiak, and Silencer, who will work with Diaz to make Oliver’s life a lot harder. The Hunters are already cast,  and will be portrayed by Holly Elissa (Red Dart), Michael Jonsson (Kodiak), and Miranda Edwards (Silencer).

Take a look at the teaser trailer below, and tell us what excites you the most about season 7!

Arrow returns with season seven Monday, October 15 at 8/7 CT on The CW.

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