Samuel L Jackson Will Be Digitally De-Aged 25 Years For Captain Marvel

Credit: Marvel Studios

With Ant-Man and the Wasp released, the next film on the roster is the long awaited Captain Marvel. This film, however, takes place in the 90s, which is further ago than most of us would like to think.

Something that will be used for the film is digital age regression technology on some of the actors who will reprise their roles in the MCU. One definitely confirmed for it? Samuel L. Jackson who plays Nick Fury.

Talking to /Film, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige discussed the technology (used previously with Michael Douglas in Ant-Man) used.

“I think having the option is pretty amazing. And I think having the technology and even without spoiling anything, Sam Jackson is shooting a movie for us right now that takes, where he’s entirely 25 years younger the whole movie.”

Jackson currently has a co-starring credit on the film, which stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel. He will also be joined by Clark Gregg, who is known for his role as Agent Phil Coulson in the MCU.

Feige went further in depth about using the digital process.

“It’s very good when you are starting by the way with somebody like Michelle Pfeiffer or Michael Douglas or for that matter Sam Jackson or Clark Gregg. All four of them … You have all the reference material and they have aged amazingly. They’ve not aged like normal humans.”

To be fair, we would not be surprised if the denizens of Hollywood didn’t have Dorian Gray portraits in their attics.
Captain Marvel will be released March 8th, 2019.
Bec Heim