Rosamund Pike And Chris O’Dowd To Star In Sitcom State Of The Union

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A new short-form series from author Nick Horby, State of the Union, has nabbed Rosamund Pike and Chris O’Dowd as the main couple. The show, which will be in 10 parts and each part is only 10 minutes long, is about the couple attending therapy. Before each therapy session, they meet in a pub. That’s where the audience will learn what Louise (Pike) and Tom’s (O’Dowd) lives were, how they got together, and what is pulling them apart. Stephen Frears will direct and executive produce the series.

The 10-by-10 style will make top-notch acting even more important as the two leads will look to convey years of a relationship in only a handful of minutes at a time. Hornby has given himself a tall order by doing something unique and different.

Hornby, known for High Fidelitysaid, “I first met Stephen when he directed High Fidelity, Rosamund when she revealed her wonderful comic talent in An Education, and Chris when he made the forthcoming Juliet, Naked, and I think they will make a tremendous team. State of the Union is an unusual project, so it’s all the more gratifying that we have managed to attract talent of this magnitude.

The show is being produced by See-Saw Films for Sundance TV’s streaming and on-demand service, Sundance Now.

“Sundance is thrilled to partner with our good friends at See-Saw Films on this short-form original production,” SundanceTV GM Jan Diedrichsen said, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. “We are fortunate to have a dream team in front of and behind the camera to bring to life Nick’s intimate, entertaining and relatable story of a modern marriage to life.”

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