Netflix Released Two New Images Of The Crown Season Three

Credit: Netflix

Just a few days ago, Netflix released the first image of Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II on The Crown without saying much. They captioned the picture with the word “patience.” It could hint at whether or not the Queen will need patience in the upcoming season. (Perhaps the audience will have to be patient until the third season will get released hasn’t been mentioned.)

It seems like the fans do not have to be that patient to get little bits and pieces of the upcoming season, as Netflix has released two more images on their Twitter page.

The two new images show Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones also known as Lord Snowdon, who are going to be played by Helena Bonham-Carter and Ben Daniels respectively.

Similar to the picture of Olivia Colman as the Queen, the pictures of Margaret and Antony also do not come with a whole lot of description.

Margaret’s picture is captioned with the word “hope,” while Antony’s is captioned with the word “hurt.”

Given what we know about their relationship, we already have an idea what is going to happen in the next season and what exactly the captions of the pictures could mean. After all, we will most likely see them getting divorced in season three. Margaret will find love again, even though it’s only for a brief time. It could leave her hopeful, however, and him probably rather hurt.

This also makes it quite clear that it is the Queen who will need patience in season three of The Crown for whatever may come her way.

While Netflix has released pictures of the Queen, Princess Margaret, as well as Lord Snowdon, the streaming service still has not revealed an image of Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip yet. Given that the first three images have been released just within a few days, it gives me hope that we will get a first glimpse of Prince Philip in season three soon rather than later.

It also makes you wonder what the caption could be on his picture. I will definitely keep on guessing in the meantime!

Anna Hattingen