Legends Of Tomorrow Season 4 To Explore One Of Constantine’s Ex-Boyfriends

Credit: The CW

When John Constantine (Matt Ryan) returned to the Arrowverse, fans of the character and the short-lived NBC series rejoiced. Then when he was upped to a series regular spot for the show’s fourth season, fans really celebrated.

One of the welcomed changes with his Arrowverse return was that the character’s bisexuality was there in the way he flirted with Leo Snart (Wentworth Miller) and kissed Gary Green (Adam Tsekhman). Now, it looks like we’ll get to learn more of what John was up to in between his show ending and his return to the Arrowverse.

According to TVLine spoiler post, EP Phil Klemmer shared with them that “there is a plan to establish a romance of Constantine’s that presumably took place between the end of his eponymous NBC series and the character’s arrival in the Arrowverse. That relationship, with a man, will have had tragic overtones, and as such still haunts John.”

In the comics, John has had a couple of on-page boyfriends such as S.W. Manor and Nick Necro. Given the hint with tragic overtones plus some context clues such as John’s trip to Hell in season four, we’re guessing that the boyfriend, if he has a comic counterpart, may be Oliver from Constantine: The Hellblazer written by Ming Doyle and James Tynion IV.

A bar owner in New York, Oliver and John had a brief romance that lasted until a demonic enemy of John’s kidnapped Oliver’s daughters and took them to Hell. While John was able to void the claim on their souls, it was too late. Oliver had sold his own soul for his daughters’ beforehand, so John got to watch Oliver be taken to Hell and leaving his children without him.

It’s definitely suitably tragic and angsty enough to haunt John. Granted, this could be a wholly original character created for the series.

Either way, we’re here and ready to cry.

Legends of Tomorrow returns on Monday, October 22nd at 8/7c on the CW.

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