Legends Of Tomorrow Actress Originally Auditioned For Dinah Drake

Credit: The CW

In a network as tight-knit as the CW, actors usually end up appearing on other shows first or audition for other roles.

So it’s not a huge surprise when Jess Macallan, who plays fan fave Time Bureau director (and Sara Lance’s girlfriend) Ava Sharpe, originally auditioned for another role.

Speaking with The Iris, Macallan, who was promoted to a series regular in the lead-up to season four, admitted that she never even saw an episode of Legends of Tomorrow until auditioning. Originally, she wanted to be on Arrow.

Macallan auditioned for the role of Dinah Drake, the third Black Canary. The role went to Juliana Harkavy.

On the experience, Macallan said, “I tested for that role and auditioned like crazy and wanted that role desperately, because it’s super physical and she’s kind of super and badass, she has all the fighting skills.”

As with all Arrowverse shows, there’s a decent amount of overlap. So while she didn’t get the role of Dinah, the producers liked her so much that they had come back to read for Ava.

She’s also looking forward to season four, possibly having another team-up with Matt Ryan’s Constantine and Adam Tsekhman’s Gary.

“We teamed up with Constantine, and I got to work with him (Matt Ryan) for three solid days, and he’s brilliant. The amount of dialogue and it’s not easy to pull that off, to pull off the timing and the speed and just make it like he’s speaking Latin sometimes, or he’s speaking Italian. Sometimes we’re sitting there and we’re looking at each other, like, “What are we even talking about?” because it’s so much space jargon. He does it effortlessly, and again he had a season of a show to do it as Constantine, and I know that he really embodies that character. He, onset, is just like a powerhouse beast. So much fun to work with. I agree with you, it’s going to be a really fun season hopefully.”

Legends of Tomorrow’s season four premiere “The Virgin Gary” will air Monday, October 22nd at 9/8c on the CW.

Bec Heim