Beware The Woods In Wynonna Earp’s “When You Call My Name”

Credit: Syfy

Last week, vampires came to the Ghost River Triangle and enthralled the town, the Cult of Bulshar massacred a shit ton of people, we found out that Mama Earp is in prison, and the episode ended with Waverly and Wynonna in a car accident.

We were warned that this episode was a game changer and I still wasn’t quite prepared for what happened. I’m gonna get this out of the way in the beginning. I don’t like how this episode ended, I don’t think it did the character justice, and I will be talking about it with Lara on this week’s Make Your Peace.

Into the Woods

Wynonna somehow got thrown from the truck and off the cliff. Thankfully, she landed on a nice flat rock that was in a convenient spot. When Wynonna starts to fall asleep, she hears and sees her mother, because what better way for your survival instinct to kick in than to manifest a hallucination of your mother?

Wynonna finds the strength to climb up the cliff, after resetting her dislocated arm, but has to leave Peacemaker behind, because it feels a little too far away from her. When she gets to the top, she sees that Waverly has been taken and heads into the woods to find her, because she won’t ever leave her sister behind.

Wynonna (and her hallucinatory mom) take a walk through the woods and have some real talk that leads to Mama disappearing for a while. Thankfully, Wynonna is not left alone too long before she finds a shack.

Creepy Cannibal Shack

The person dragging Waverly away from the truck crash was NOT Bobo like many fans thought, but a Revenant. The Rev takes her to a creepy hunters shack of sorts, ties her up and then reveals the car accident was one of his traps. He apparently likes kidnapping and eating people.  

When Waverly’s phone rings, the Rev STEALS WAVERLY’S VOICE LIKE SOME KIND OF REVENANT SEA WITCH and tells Nicole everything is fine.

The Revenant, using the stolen voices, lures a young man into the shack and he is garroted when he starts to walk towards Waverly. When the Rev comes back into the shack, he puts Waverly into a cage and then leaves again to check his traps.

His timing couldn’t have been better because Wynonna walks into the shack while he’s gone. When Waverly sees her she is able to use some elaborate charades to tell Wynonna that the place is boobytrapped and leads her safely to the cage. Wynonna is unable to free Waverly because the cage is locked, but there is a chance for Wynonna to answer some of her questions about their mother.

The Revenant comes back and Wynonna manages to hide until he walks back out of the shack and she follows and confronts him. Wynonna runs and tricks him into falling into a hole. Unfortunately, she can’t celebrate right away as she gets pulled up into a snare and has to wait for Doc and Nicole to come and cut her down.

Thankfully, the second the Revenant is “killed” (he wasn’t shot with Peacemaker, so he may be back unless Wynonna goes back for him), Waverly gets her voice back.

Doc and Nicole

On Nicole’s way to the Homestead, she comes across a hunter who tells her he and his son got lost in the woods and the only way they found their way back was the wreck. She immediately recognizes the truck and knows Waverly is in danger.

After examining the accident site, she and Doc realize that it wasn’t an accident, that one of the girls was taken, and that the other walked away. Doc believes that Wynonna followed the right path to Waverly and is able to lead him and Nicole along the same path Wynonna took.

Accident Site Showdown

Dolls meets the gang at the accident site, having been delayed because Jeremy didn’t give him the information right away. Jeremy is nervous because Dolls is experiencing side-effects from his serum and they don’t know what will happen to Dolls in the field.

The Earp sisters have another moment, now that Waverly has her voice back and can ask some questions. Waverly gets upset when she finds out Wynonna has known where their mother is the entire time and has even been visiting her. She asks Dolls to help her up to the truck and asks him how someone could keep a secret like that and he tells her it’s hard to tell someone something that could devastate them.

Dolls starts experiencing some kind of issue and grabs his medication, but doesn’t take it. All he does is tell Waverly that Wynonna is going to need her.

Nicole starts climbing down the cliff to get Peacemaker, but out of nowhere, Bulshar’s soldier looking right hand demon appears out of nowhere and cuts the rope. Thankfully, Wynonna moved quickly and caught it, preventing Nicole from plummeting to her death.

The demon has some nifty teleportation type powers and easily dodges attacks from the group, leaving Doc to get knocked out.

When Dolls steps up to fight the demon, Waverly gets a call from Jeremy and he tells her Dolls is unstable because of whatever BBD did to him.

Waverly sees Wynonna struggling with the rope holding Nicole up and rushes forward to help her. They get Nicole (and Peacemaker) up just after Dolls grabs the demon and breathes fire at him. However, Dolls goes down and they can’t find a pulse and Waverly tells them he doesn’t need his drugs, he’s gone.

Wynonna refuses to leave Dolls’ side because she doesn’t want to leave him alone in the woods (which he hates), and she still believes there’s a chance he’ll wake up. Wynonna’s mom returns and tells her she has to let Dolls go because he’s at peace.

RIP Agent Xavier Dolls

Other Notable Plot Points

  • Nicole has a new uniform top

  • Jeremy tells Dolls and Nicole that the club victims died very quickly, implying that there’s a very fast moving demon who committed the murders.

  • Doc reveals to Dolls that he went to Hell when Dolls shot him (in the AU) and he’s having a slight crisis about it. Understandably so.