Ant-Man And The Wasp Director Peyton Reed Teases Ant-Man 3 Plans

Credit: Marvel Studios

Ant-Man and the Wasp only has a couple more days until its official release. We can’t get wait to get over our post Infinity War blues with some shrinking silliness.

As always, however, we’re looking to see what will come of a trilogy of films. Ant-Man sets seeds for Ant-Man and the Wasp which will, in turn, sets seeds for Ant-Man 3.

Sitting down with, director Peyton Reed discussed the potential third film and how will connect to the others.

“There are definitely things in this movie that, if we’re fortunate enough to make another one, there’s a lot to play with. We spend more time in the Quantum Realm in this movie, obviously, than the first movie but it feels like we’re just dipping our toes into it.”

So could we see more of the Quantum Realm in future films? (Perhaps Avengers 4?) Reed didn’t say, but he did stress the collaborative environment of Marvel Studios. If it is used in other films, it’s not really his problem.

“We’re always aware of what the other people are doing with the movies. It’s less like, ‘You’ve gotta do this so it pays off here.’ It usually is the opposite where, ‘What you guys do in your movie is gonna effect a movie,’ even if portions of that movie have already been shot, we have to do what’s true to this movie, to tell this still and have it be complete — and then it’s the other person’s problem!”

Ant-Man and the Wasp hits theatres July 6th.

Bec Heim