4YE’s Summer TV Reels Feels Week 4 For June 25th Through June 30th

This week, our feels take us back to Gilead and into another Sherlockian world of sorts as we are loving something old, something new, and something blue.

Check out our picks for this week’s TV Reels Feels!

Top Performer

Clare: Elisabeth Moss carried this week’s The Handmaid’s Tale. The flashback’s of Hannah’s birth contrasted with her present day labour with Holly was brilliantly done. June’s pain, determination, courage and strength was so evident to be seen. I was really impressed with Moss’ work in season one, but season two she has just been phenomenal.

Bec: I just binged the first five seasons of Elementary on Hulu. I just wanna give a shout-out to Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller as Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes. I love them and their platonic bro-ship. It’s absolutely amazing and they are my favorite.

Emmy: My vote this week goes to Finn Jones as I just finished up Luke Cage. I just want to scream at the top of my lungs “NOW THIS IS THE DANNY RAND WE’VE NEEDED ALL ALONG!!” Finn, I could kiss you for finally nailing Iron Fist flawlessly in your one episode for this season. I knew that you had it in you all along to be funny and wise. It was just piss poor writing for you during your own show so all is forgiven now. Please keep up the good work!

Top Episode

Clare: I’m tempted to just list the entire six episodes of ABC’s Mystery Road, but really have to highlight the final episode “The Truth”. This was the perfect climax to the series and brought everything together so beautifully. The performances were outstanding, especially from Judy Davis, Aaron Pederson, Ernie Dingo and Tasar Zalar and, as with the previous episodes, it was shot beautifully with the land such an important character as well. This was a riveting series and fantastic Aussie drama.

Bec: The bonus episode of Nailed It! featuring the Queer Eye boys is absolutely hilarious. It’s definitely a remedy to any summertime blues.

Emmy: I have to give my love to “The Creator” from Luke Cage. We finally got the back story between the Stokes and the McIvers and man, was it messed up! You just knew that Mama Mabel was evil but to see it in action was horrific.

Top Moment

Clare: The scene between Emma (Judy Davis) and Aunty Dot (Ningali Lawford Wolf) in Mystery Road’s fifth episode, “The Waterhole” was so powerful. Given the current climate and debate in Australia around these topics and events, it was so moving having Emma approach Aunty Dot with her findings, acknowledge what was done and apologise. A short and quite simple unassuming scene compared to others in the series but so key to the series’ message and so important to see played out on TV.

Bec: It goes to that proposal in Steven Universe’s “The Question” between Ruby and Sapphire. First same-sex proposal on television and it had all of us cheering for this lesbian space rocks. Here’s to those two kids working it out. (I know this is not the right week for this. But I AM FULL OF EMOTIONS!) 

Emmy: Angel telling off Stan this week in Pose had me cheering because you just knew there was something off about his attraction to her and to finally hear him explain himself was a relief. Angel was 100% justified in sending him packing back to Jersey.

Most Disappointing

Emmy: I’ve been struggling through season 2 of 13 Reasons Why so far and can’t really pinpoint what is making me struggle so much with it. It definitely is lacking something, which is disappointing overall.


Clare: “Holly. Your name is Holly, and you have a big sister, Hannah, and one day you’re going to meet her.” – The Handmaid’s Tale


Clare: I didn’t know what to expect from Mystery Road but I love Judy Davis and Deborah Mailman and there had been some buzz about it so decided to check it out. One of the best decisions. This is a fantastic Aussie series with phenomenal performances and and interesting look at Aussie life, white and black relations, cover ups, silence, sexism, and the corruption of power. While it is without a doubt an Australian story, so many of the themes are universal. It is definitely worth checking out. It’s currently available on iView in Australia. Acorn recently secured the US rights to the series for its streaming service so hopefully it will be available there soon.

Bec: If you eventually developed a distaste for Sherlock, which I did around that Christmas episode, then go watch Elementary.

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