4YE’s SDCC 2018 Roundtable Wrap-Up: What Were This Year’s Hit And Misses?

Credit: San Diego Comic Con

It’s been a week since Comic Con International was up and running, giving the world so much excitement and fun from all fandoms of every corner of the universe. It truly is the opportunity of a lifetime for anyone to attend whether it is for press, volunteering, or just being a fan.

Now that we’ve have the time to process the tremendous event since it is now over, my fellow editors and I have decided to breakdown what we thought were the best and worst moments during this year’s convention. For those who were fortunate to attend, we hope that some of your faves make the list, and for those who couldn’t be there, we hope this is a way for you all to live vicariously through us.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Best Moment:

Verena: I might be biased, but my favorite moment of the whole week/end was the Brooklyn Nine-Nine panel. I’ve always loved this show, but up until its cancellation/salvation I wasn’t aware how many people did too! The cast was funny, unsurprisingly so, emotional, and truly entertaining. It was a genuinely fun evening that was over way too quickly. Can we make this an annual thing?

Stephanie: Yep, I completely agree with Verena. I never expected Brooklyn Nine Nine to be at Comic Con but now I need them there every year. The entire panel brought so much energy and excitement into the room. By the time it ended around 8 pm, I was the most hyped up I’d been all day.

Melissa: Not to be boring and bring zero discussion to the table but I agree with both Verena and Stephanie. The energy in the B99 panel was electric – every single person in that room wanted to be there for that moment and you could tell. I walked out of that panel feeling the same way I’ve felt walking out of Marvel Studios panels which is a pretty big feat.

Emmy: For me, it was the Her Universe Fashion Show. I had been dying to see it in person and after five years of attending Comic Con, I finally got my chance, and I have no regrets what so ever. The energy in the room was incredible, the fashion was to die for, and the swag bag given out was amazing. I’m already planning out my nerdy wardrobe for the rest of the year.

Biggest Surprise:

Verena: Actually making it into Hall H for the Doctor Who panel. So worth it! Jodie Whittaker is a delight.

Melissa: Am I allowed to say the lack of crazy Hall H lines for the weekend? Because the fact of the matter is I didn’t have to camp out once and that truly is a miracle.

Stephanie: The Harry Potter illustrators signing went above and beyond what I ever imagined. Not only was it free, but they gave us two posters, a pin, and a tote bag, also for free! Then you could buy (or bring) editions of the books to have Jim Kay, Kazu Kibuishi, and Brian Selznick sign. I walked away extremely happy with how I spent my morning.

Emmy: I was surprised by how chill everything was this year. Normally, I feel so stressed and overwhelmed by the whole experience in a good way but this year, the convention had a very low-key, almost relaxing vibe to it.

I Can’t Believe I Missed:

Verena: I’m really upset I didn’t have time for the Good Place activation. It was on my must-do list, and one of the things I was most excited about this year. Unfortunately, even with pre-registration, the lines were 2-3 hour minimum wait, even as early as 9am, and 3 hours during Comic Con can be worth gold. There was no way I would have waited that long. I will be bitter about this forever.

Melissa: Missing the Doctor Who panel. It was one I was really looking forward to and didn’t manage to get it. I was over it by Saturday when I saw Jodie Whittaker in the Women Who Kick Ass Panel anyway. She is a delight.

Stephanie: The Good Place panel! This was one of my biggest regrets from this year but it was either The Good Place panel or the Harry Potter signing. I’m coming for you next year, Good Place!

Emmy: The Doctor Who and John Barrowman panels. I really wanted to see Jodie’s first ever SDCC panel and was super bummed that the communication between line management and hall management failed and the room wasn’t filled to capacity. Also missing out on my favorite human’s panel actually hurt as he’s always such a delight and a wonderful way to kick off the convention.

Biggest Letdown:

Verena: Preview night. Remember the times we watched three or four really great pilots on Wednesday night, including The Flash, Lucifer, Supergirl, Blindspot and Gotham? Yeah, those times are over. In recent years we were lucky to witness the premiere of one new tv series, and then get a few pre-released trailers. This year’s pilot, NBC’s Manifest, was a tough one to sit through, only to be followed by a new episode of The 100 that was all about cannibalism. Chew on that, folks.

Melissa: Maybe the lack of the big panels. This was a letdown but it was also a good thing. I’m very conflicted. Basically I wanted Marvel Studios to show up so I could possibly see Chris Evans. This is a completely selfish request.

Stephanie: No Agents of SHIELD panel. I know the show won’t be back on the air until next summer but it would’ve been really nice to have another chance to shout my love for Clark Gregg and the rest of the cast.

Emmy: The missing fan favorite standard panels like Game of Thrones, and Marvel Studios and Television (sorry I don’t count the Freeform and FX stuff). I really hope they come back for next year as it would have been nice to be in those panels and getting some teasers and seeing the casts.

The Most Annoying Thing That Happened Was:

Verena: Does the mis- and non-communication from certain publicists count? Apart from that I am getting more and more fed up with some of the panels, particularly the CW shows. Year after year they are squeezed into an overly packed Ballroom 20 (at least Saturday’s DCTV shows are), which is simply too small to hold even half the fans in line for them. Once you make it into the room (and thanks to the new bathroom procedure you can’t really leave, unless you want to wait in line for re-entry) you speed through the panels, where you get minimum information on the new season (all the actual exclusives are saved for the big publications) and a short, tiny teaser that will be online in full HD a few seconds later. Also online, maybe a day later, is the panel in full. Makes you wonder why you should wait in line anymore for the panels if you can experience them from the comfort of your home without even putting pants on.

Melissa: Less con related and more end of the day con things – PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW HOW TO USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. You must move to the middle of the trolley carriage to make as much space as possible for people trying to get on. STOP CROWDING BY THE DOORS, PEOPLE.

Stephanie: I absolutely agree with Melissa’s frustration about people failing at using public transportation. But in the spirit of variety, I will also say that it was incredibly annoying to be standing still in the Hall H line and to see on Twitter that there were rows and rows of empty seats available in the back. I don’t understand how or who decides when to let more people into the room but it seems like several rows of empty seats should qualify.

Emmy: I agree with Stephanie about the lack of actually filling the rooms to capacity considering that we could totally read on social media that there was space available. I think the only ballroom who did fill their rooms up 100% was Indigo, and they definitely need to rethink the panels that they are putting there for future conventions. Brooklyn Nine Nine could have filled up B20 alone.

I Nearly Died When:

Verena: Rachel Bloom started giving audiences at the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend panel on Thursday a very detailed sex-ed class about clitoral orgasms. And then did it again during the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend live show on Saturday. What a woman.

Melissa: Surprisingly, I don’t think I actually had any near death experiences this year.

Stephanie: I met Rufus Sewell. Actually, let’s be real, I died the moment I saw him and then again when he spoke and it was like Lord Melbourne speaking directly to me. He is so handsome, so kind, and very well spoken. Excuse me while I sit here and blush all over again.

Emmy: I met Dominic Cooper. It’s not everyday a girl gets to meet someone she’s admired for some time. He was the sweetest person for taking a moment to talk to me and even snap a photo with.  

Biggest Thing I Was Most Looking Forward To:

Verena: I got my tickets for the aforementioned Crazy Ex-Girlfriend live show a couple months before the con, and have been looking forward to the event ever since. It didn’t disappoint, the cast was absolutely amazing, and the songs had me singing along.


Stephanie: Jodie Whittaker at her first Comic Con. I’ll admit, I was a little underwhelmed with the Doctor Who panel but I thought she was exceptional on the Women Who Kick Ass panel. She’s clever, thoughtful, clearly very excited, and embodies everything someone playing the Doctor ought to embody. I am definitely ready to see Thirteen in action.

Emmy: The Fantastic Beasts panel. I missed their first visit to the convention two years ago, a moment that I wish I could take back but thankfully, I made room on my schedule to actually get to see this year’s panel, and it was so worth it for Ezra Miller’s cosplay and Jude Law’s gorgeous everything.

Panels For Next Year That I’m Already Looking Forward To:

Verena: I’m praying there’s another Brooklyn Nine-Nine panel. I’d get in line for that.

Melissa: I’m really hoping that B99 comes back and also Marvel Studios and Game of Thrones.

Stephanie: I absolutely want B99 to do another panel. I’d also like an Agents of SHIELD panel, especially if season six is their final season, and a proper Captain Marvel panel.

Emmy: The return of Marvel Studios, maybe Star Wars, and the return of Marvel Television.

I Should Have Camped Out For This:

Verena: Absolutely nothing. There’s nothing I would camp out for in the first please, but this year the lines weren’t even half as bad as any other year before since at least 2014. This year, you could walk straight into Hall H every single day.

Stephanie: Nothing at all. I don’t like camping out anyway but I cannot think of anything this year that would’ve warranted camping out.

Melissa: This year? Nothing.

Emmy: Apparently should have camped out for the Marvel Booth. It took me 4 days and 7 tries to get a sticker just to get in line to buy stuff.

I’m Glad I Didn’t Camp Out For:

Verena: See above.

Melissa: Hall H on Saturday

Stephanie: Anything, especially Hall H on Saturday. I walked right in that afternoon.

Emmy: Hall H thankfully didn’t warrant camping out this year. It was easily conquered which just means that next year, it will be vicious.

My Biggest Fangirl Moment Was:

Verena: Running into Aline Brosh-McKenna after the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend live show. Next time I’ll have something witty and clever to say, promise.

Melissa: Does freaking out seeing Lolita’s again after a year count?

Stephanie: Meeting Rufus Sewell. I know I was grinning like an idiot and probably blushing the whole time but I quite literally couldn’t help it! He’s too charming!

Emmy: Hanging out with the Wynonna Earp cast. It’s always so much fun talking to them, and they have the best energy.

Best Cosplay I Saw:

Verena: Shout-out to the total badasses at the BBC America booth! On Saturday I met the lovely lady behind the @KillingEve Twitter account (a show all of you should be watching), and she was rocking the most beautiful Villanelle cosplay. Definitely my highlight.

Melissa: I saw an amazing group of people dressed as Black Panther characters. They were amazing!

Stephanie: There was a group dressed as DC superheroes but with lightsabers that matched their costumes. Nightwing even have shorter, duel blue lightsabers.

Emmy: The squad of 300 was pretty legit and they even did the formation. I wanted to jump in and kick stuff and shout “This is Sparta!” with them.

I Wish I Would’ve Bought:

Verena: I’m not a big collector, so there wasn’t anything I desperately wanted or needed. Do i wish I had come home with a new funko? Well, yes, always. That Thirteenth Doctor pop is especially enticing. But again, I wouldn’t stand in line for it.

Melissa: The “I am Steve Rogers” t-shirt that had at the Marvel booth. Still crying over that one.

Stephanie: BBC America had a TARDIS baseball-style shirt with a rainbow of paint swashes across it. I saw it the first day and never saw it again.

Emmy: I’m with Melissa on this one. Forever cries in Spanish

Best Lesson Learned:

Verena: Sometimes, you’ve got to be ballsy. All is fair in love and war and Comic Con.

Melissa: Staying in a place away from downtown is sometimes better because it keeps you away of the chaos.

Stephanie: If you don’t succeed at first, try another time. I went by The Good Place experience Friday morning and it was an hours long line, even if you’d pre-registered. That night, I went back an hour before it closed and they had workers out checking you in if you’d pre-registered. I was able to get in line immediately and probably waited about 15 minutes to get in.

Emmy: Having downtime is super important and given the amount of downtime I had this year, I felt like I need to keep doing that for future convention visits.

Best Advice To Give:

Verena: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And always make sure you know where the nearest bathroom is. Because of all the hydration. And of course, most importantly, have fun. Don’t stress too much over what you want to see that you can’t enjoy it.

Melissa: Have snack and be nice!

Stephanie: Eat real food at least twice a day. Snacks are great but they cannot take the place of an actual meal, even if it’s a convention center hot dog.

Emmy: Self care is super important. Definitely take a moment to get away from the convention, or even arrive a few days early so you can just relax and pamper yourself before the craziness.

Favorite Non-Fandom Moment Of The Con:

Verena: Hanging out with my fellow 4YE babes. Getting back together with them is always the highlight of my con. But I also love meeting new people and making new friends, which I did. Here’s to staying in touch until next year!

Melissa: Same as Verena here. Only getting to see your friends once a year kind of sucks but if you’re going to do it anywhere SDCC is a pretty cool place to do it.

Stephanie: Having dinner at Lolita’s with all four of us together. It’s a fantastic tradition that I look forward to every year.

Emmy: Dinner at Lolita’s, Taco Tuesday fun, and just walking around with my 4YE loves is always a highlight for me. I love also meeting up with all my friends from around the world as Comic Con has turned into our family reunion of sorts.

Until next year! We’ve already started counting the days!


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