4YE’s Big Movie Binge: The Lego Movie

Credit: Warner Brothers
The Lego Movie was released in 2014. The film grossed a lot of money for a non-Disney picture and generally surprised audiences and children alike. Featuring an all-star cast, The Lego Movie is one of the greatest children movies I’ve seen in a while. The film was full of heart, laugh-out-loud jokes, and spectacular sequences of animation that blew my mind.
Emmett (Chris Pratt) is an ordinary construction worker. He’s not only ordinary, he’s dull. He follows instructions to a ‘t’. He has no friends. He tries too hard. He inhabits space in the Lego world. He’s not special until he happens upon the fabled “piece of resistance”. Prophesy states that the person who discovers the piece of resistance will save the Lego world from the evil Lord/President Business (Will Ferrell). Lord Business is everything 1984 warned you about, only a little sillier. The “Kragle”, an old tube of super glue, is threatening the freedom of the Legos. On “Takos” (the ‘s’ is silent) Tuesday, the entire Lego world will be frozen and unable to move. With the help of master builder Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) and hippie shaman Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman), Emmett learns that there’s more to being you than following orders and instructions.
There were so many good lessons in The Lego Movie for the kiddos and maybe a few parents out there as well. When I say the film was full of heart, I mean it. Not only that but Emmett and Wyldstyle’s character progression is phenomenal for a kid’s movie. Said character development is important when it comes to how heartfelt the film is. Without Emmett learning that it’s okay to be ordinary and that there are so many ways of being special, I don’t think the film would have stood on its own two feet quite as well. Wyldstyle even learned that even though Emmett is considered “boring” or even a “waste space”, he proved himself in ways no one was expecting. Overall, the film was chock full of great lessons and ways to look at yourself differently.
Of course, all of these wonderful lessons are wrapped up in fantastic bows of humor. The only other film I’ve laughed so hard at was The Lego Batman Movie. There is something about these films that are hilarious. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller delivered a script that could make both adults and children happy. The crude humor featured in the film will more than likely go over your little one’s heads but for the adults, it’s great laugh-out-loud humor that elevates The Lego Movie beyond a simple kids movie. 
What surprised me the most was the animation and the detail the animators included in every single sequence. There were so many Easter eggs peppered throughout the film that I couldn’t even count them all, let alone name any of them. It’s a fantastic combination of writing and animation that many non-Disney films often lack. Granted, The Lego Movie could have done well without all the Easter eggs, but for the adults who’ve seen it, the Easter eggs and callbacks to classic Legos are definitely for them. It makes the film stronger overall.
I loved The Lego Movie. I thought the voice cast was wonderful. I thought it was well written and brilliantly animated. Kiddos and their parents should definitely check it out.
Shelby Arnold
Hop On In