Wonder Woman 1984 Drops First Look Pictures That Have Us Questioning What We Thought We Knew

Credit: Warner Brothers

The eagerly awaited sequel to 2017’s sensation Wonder Woman is officially underway. Titled, simply, Wonder Woman 1984, fans don’t really know what to expect from the upcoming project.

To be honest, with one of these latest pictures from the film, we don’t really know what to expect either.

In celebration of the film going into production, director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot shared stills from filming. One of them has definitely thrown everything into question.

First off, the one that didn’t. It shows Diana (Gadot) in front of a row of television monitors. What they’re doing? We couldn’t say. It does, however, make a very cool shot.

The second shot, however, has thrown the internet into a tailspin. It shows Chris Pine as Steve Trevor in an 80s era mall.

For those of you who forgot, Trevor died by exploding a plane of deadly poison in midair. He’s dead. Right? Now this could be a relative of Trevor’s that looks exactly like him, Steve Trevor reincarnated, some kind of hallucination, or…something else.

Either way, we’re losing our minds already and we still have awhile to go until the film hits theatres.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits screens November 1st, 2019.

Bec Heim

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Bec Heim