The Addams Family Animated Movie Releases Cast List And First Look

Credit: MGM

They’re creepy and their kooky, mysterious and spooky, and all together ooky. It’s the Addams Family.

Everyone’s favorite macabre family has returned! This time it will be in an animated feature from MGM. It looks like the film has gathered style influence from the original Charles Addams New Yorker cartoons. They spawned a beloved 1960s sitcom, a 1991 film and its 1993 sequel, and a 2010 Broadway musical. There are also other animated and live-action properties, but nothing quite as popular as what was mentioned above.

Sausage Party directors Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan are directing the feature. The cast includes Oscar Isaac (Star Wars) as Gomez Addams, Charlize Theron (Atomic Blonde) as Morticia Addams, Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick Ass) as Wednesday Addams, Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) as Pugsley, Nick Kroll (The Kroll Show) as Uncle Fester, and Bette Midler (Beaches) as Grandmama. Alison Janney (Mom) is also part of the cast as the villain: a reality TV makeover queen named Margaux Needler. She has the horrifying character description of “consumed with a desire for absolute suburban pastel perfection.”

Talk about your worst nightmare.

What is a dream, however, is Oscar Isaac as Gomez. It’s literally perfect casting. If somehow the animated film will spawn a live-action one, then throw him in there too. We’re not asking for much here.

The Addams Family will be released October 11th, 2019.

Bec Heim