RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: The Queens “Evil Twins” Show Their Dark Sides

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Welcome back to our recap of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and after our week’s break the season is rocketing to the final where only one queen can be crowned the winner, and it has to be said so far I think it is a pretty open playing field.

Following Monét’s departure in the last episode, there is no doubt that Kameron is feeling the pressure of surviving another lip sync, and yet again the acid tongue of Asia came to the fore (it even had my dad laughing).

The mini challenge this week was dubbed “Resting Brunch Face” where the queens had to prepare the perfect pancake face for special guest American Horror Story’s Cheyenne Jackson.  Boy was he brave to even consider eating any of the creations, and the sight of Aquaria having to touch ham, and luncheon meat was hilarious.  Asia won the mini-challenge, and in a slight change to recent weeks this didn’t give her any tactical advantage for the maxi challenge.

The maxi challenge this week was for the girls to bring their inner saboteurs to life where they had to create two looks, one to represent their best selves, and one to create their inner evil twin.  It seemed the perfect challenge for some of the queens who have maybe been fading into the background in the show, yes I’m looking at you Kameron and Kracker. Even when talking to Ru it was clear that Kameron is still very guarded and it had me already praying that Kameron would knock this challenge out of the park, and not end up having to lipsync for the third week in a row.

It has to be said that I don’t think Aquaria really got the point of this challenge, but then given her age her inner demons are still in diapers. The girls also had to write a voice over for their twin personalities, and it was so nice to see Eureka trying to help Kracker get out of her own head, which is definitely one of the major issues Kracker has (remember Breastworld).

Aquaria vs Sabatina
Asia O’Hara vs North Korea
Eureka O’Hara vs Eufilthior
Kameron Michaels vs Katrina Michaels
Miz Cracker vs Miz Crumbs

When it came to the runway, I really loved Kameron’s looks and I felt they matched really well as the two sides of one person, but the judges were really not feeling her this week, and it was clear that she was in trouble again. My worst fears were realised when Miz Kracker appeared on the runway in two very disjointed looks and her evil twin Miz Crumbs felt totally disconnected from Kracker. This was also pointed out by the judges.

Eureka’s looks were seamlessly joined up her two characters and the interaction between the two sides was brilliant. Her good side was cute and it showed a different style for her, and well Eufilthior was vile, vicious and the biggest bitch in town. However, for me, there was just too much neon plaid! Asia O’Hara as North Korea was another amazing look, and the characterisation was something we haven’t seen from Asia before. 

For my money, I wasn’t blown away by either of Aquaria’s looks, but of the two Sabatina was definitely the stronger. I really think for me the Age of Aquaria has passed and I wouldn’t be overly sad to see her go next week.  The judges, on the other hand, were gagging for both of her looks, but I would have given the winner of the maxi challenge to Asia. As it was Aquaria was victorious and Miz Cracker found herself in the lipsync with Kameron.

Bravo to the camera and post-production team for creating one of the cleverest runways I have seen on the show where we saw the good girls on one side, and the evil queens on the other side at the same time.  I also really liked the fact that it was the evil queens who were left on the runway and the good girls were backstage watching the results.

Mini-Challenge: Resting Brunch Face
Mini-Challenge Winners: Asia O’Hara
Main Challenge:  Evil Twins
Runway Theme: Double Trouble
Main Challenge Winner: Asia O’Hara
Bottom Two: Kameron Michaels & Miz Cracker
Lip Sync Song: “Nasty Girls” by Vanity 6
Shantay You Stay: Kameron Michaels
Sashay Away: Miz Cracker

The queens took the stage for their lipsync as the evil queens, and Kameron is definitely this season’s lipsync diva slayer as yet again she gave a stunning and flawless performance. If only she could bring some of this energy to the runway and challenges it would definitely be much less stressful all round.  

Credit: giphy/RuPaul’s Drag Race

Miz Kracker really showed off her skills in the lipsync, and I was convinced Kameron was going to be the one going home, but unfortunately, Kracker was the one who has missed out on getting to the final week in the werkroom. Kameron is really going to have to up her game as if she finds herself in the bottom two again next week she will be the one to sashay away.

Credit: giphy/RuPaul’s Drag Race

Check back next week to see if it will be three or four queens going into the final on June 28, and I can’t wait for the reunion episode for all the T and all the shade.


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