Luke Cage Star Talks Surprising Season Two Cliffhanger

Credit: Marvel/Netflix

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for season two of Luke Cage.

Luke Cage (Miker Colter) may have lost control of his situation going into season three. Whether or not he knows this, however, is totally up in the air.

With Mariah (Alfre Woodard) dead, she surprisingly leaves Harlem’s Paradise to Luke in a gambit to send him down the same dark path of the Stokes family. He’s been banned for Pop’s barbershop. The end of the season sees him surveying the club from the box formally occupied by Mariah and Cornell (Mahershala Ali). Then there was the scene of Luke enjoying in business while the door close in Misty’s (Simone Missick) face, which is a direct nod to the ending of The Godfather.

It doesn’t look good for Luke is what we’re saying here.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Missick talked about the cliffhanger of an ending. Luke and Misty have gone from being possible romantic interests to close confidants. She, however, thinks that the ending will lead down the path to show how much of a man Luke is.

“But when we see them at the end of the season, his idea that he can rule Harlem from the roost, from his perch, so to speak, thinking that he can be the enactor of justice for Harlem, she understands that absolute power corrupts absolutely. She’s seen it in the police department and in the politics of Harlem in New York City, and she knows that Luke is not untouchable and unbreakable in that sense. He is still a man at the end of the day.”

She also highlights a potential conflict in season three.

And so there is this idea that going into season three, whenever that is, they might be on the opposite side of the law, and they might become adversaries, in a way, because there’s no way that Misty is not going to call him on his stuff and not going to expect and demand the same level of resolve as she has for herself. And Luke is hard-headed, so it’s going to be an interesting dynamic to see play out.”

She also talked about what she would like to see from a Daughters of the Dragon series. We got a super badass moment between Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) and Knight, we want more.

“I know that if we were able to get a Daughters of the Dragon series [focused on Misty and Colleen], the themes that two strong women of color could explore on screen, is something that would ring very true with the world right now. We’re in a time in history where women’s issues and women’s rights are being pushed to the forefront of the conversation. And so how better to see that handled than with two women of color who are strong and skilled and confident going in to protecting their community and protecting each other? So I would love to see that happen. I know that Jessica and I have spoken about that. And if they tweet it, it will come.”

So keep tweeting at Marvel then!

Luke Cage season two is out on Netflix. Read our review here.

Bec Heim