Lucifer Showrunners On The Netflix Save, Episode Count And A “Gnarly” Season 4

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Lucifans are still probably celebrating this on the wire save. It was announced on Friday (one day before the actors contracts were set to expire) that Netflix has saved the former Fox show from the cancellation heap.

Now, however, fans have questions about what they can expect from season four. Lucifer co-showrunners, Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, talked with TVLine

On getting the news, Henderson admitted that they learned right before the announcement went out. Modrovich said, “My agent called me, and then we got a lovely call from [Warner Bros. TV president] Peter Roth, which was pretty darn funny. I guess he called Tom [Ellis] first and said something like, ‘Sharpen your horns!’”

The pair confirmed that season four will be 10 episodes on the streaming giant. They will be ten all new episodes, although there is a chance that “Boo Normal”, which revealed the angel Azarel (Charlyne Yi), can be folded in possibly making it eleven.

Henderson said, “The first thing we’ve got to figure out is where the one that wasn’t a complete standalone, the Ella-focused episode, might fit.”

If fans are worried about the production start, Henderson confirmed that they’ll start filming sometime in August.

As for season four being a “goodbye” season of the show, there are no such plans. As Henderson puts it, it’s the first-half of the planned season four should they show remained on Fox.

“We were going to have two parts to it anyway, so we’ll just tell a really strong, gnarly first part. [This] lets us concentrate the story and focus it, and that’s what’s really exciting about this. We have a really strong first half that is now going to make for an amazing story.”

The season three finale ended with Chloe Decker (Lauren German) finally seeing Lucifer (Tom Ellis) in his “devil face” and realizing that everything he said is true.

Lucifer marks the first big “save” that Netflix has given to a show in a long while. It was definitely a shock as the company doesn’t own the streaming rights (Hulu does stateside and Amazon Prime does internationally). The first three seasons will be added to Netflix US at some point in the future.

Henderson recalled, “What we have been told, basically, is 1) they love the show, and 2) they loved the fan reaction. They really noticed it. The fans were heard, and that’s the biggest thing that we should convey. They saw the passion of the fans, and apparently a number of people over there just like the show.”

Modrovich added, “With social media, the fans now can make a difference, and that is the coolest part of this whole experience. They really feel ownership, like, ‘Hey, we got our show back,’ and I love that.”

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