Kara Has To Escape Argo As The Worldkiller Cult “Make It Reign” On Supergirl

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Hey Supergirl fans!

We’re in the homestretch for season three. It has been…uneven to say the least. Personally, I think we need to start dividing these seasons into halves because the 20+ episode Big Bads just aren’t working. Last week, things got a little off the rails. Kara took a sabbatical and went to go spend time on Argo, bringing Mon-El with her because sure. Though it looks like she doesn’t quite fit on Argo either. Serena, the true puppetmaster behind Reign, uses this in order to steal J’onn’s ship and go to Earth to kill it presumably.

And then it turned out the DEO weaponry was also being sold to civilians by the weapons manufacturer. There was a debate on gun control which, while needed in the real world, felt just as awkward as when Arrow tried to do the same plot. Ultimately, the DEO will be phasing out lethal weaponry for non-leathal, Winn designed things.

This is, of course, when the Worldkiller cult arrives with the Kryptonian powers of a yellow sun out in full force. Who knows if Sam is truly free of Reign?

Let’s see where this goes now.

High Priestess: Selena and the other daughters of Juru have arrived on Earth in order to begin the end. The three plan to summon Reign using the black rock, but the rock is now toxic to them. So they’re using Coville because of course they are. Kara, Alura, Mon-El, and Thara head into Selena’s house. She has an Atlas on Earth and instructions on making Worldkillers. They can’t get word back to Earth due to the protective dome. Ruby goes to check on Sam, who still isn’t feeling well. (Why didn’t they keep her in longer?) J’onn and M’yrnn come to visit Alex because M’yrnn feels the end has come. He wanted to say goodbye to Alex and to thank her for being a good daughter to J’onn. Alex offers to come with J’onn, who places her in charge while they’re gone to do the Reach. While searching through the Selena’s house, they find the powerful Sword of Juru. They find a holograph crystal where she reveals that they plan to terraform the Earth in order to turn it into New Krypton. And then Selena’s house goes boom. (So Supergirl has totally just stolen the plot to Man of Steel now?)

Ceremony: Alex and Lena examine Sam, who feels like she’s wilting away. Lena finds that her blood cells are turning Kryptonian and lacking oxygen, becoming dormant. Ruby suggests that they use the sun, which leads to getting the sunlamps. Winn’s made portable personal shields for all the DEO agents as part of the non-lethal weapons he’s creating for J’onn. M’yrnn and J’onn prepare to perform the Reach ceremony together. Kara figures that Selena may have had a back-up to get off Earth. Apparently, Zor-El was in the process of making a transmat portal for an evacuation of Krypton. Coville and the sisters of Juru prepare the ceremony to summon Reign. T the rock is taken into a flaming pit. Selena declares that “she is born again”. It doesn’t entirely work though. They need the blood of Purity and Pestilence to make Reign whole again. Lena and Alex’s plan with the sun lamps fail, but Lena think she can help Sam’s gene with the rock. Kara and Mon-El think that they can get the portal working with the one in the DEO. They plan on using Kryptonian crystals to interface with the AI at the DEO. Kara takes over the Alura AI in order to talk with Winn and Alex. Kara relays their situation. They plan on getting the portals up and running together. J’onn and M’yrnn are in the middle of the Reach, sharing memories and emotions, letting it fill them. They get the portal working, but it looks like the Dark Kryptonians have arrived to get the samples of the Worldkillers blood. This is why it’s a good idea to keep Kryptonite around.

Code Krypton: DEO agents fall as Selena and her Juru sisters attack. Alex tells them to destroy the blood to stop them. She heads to get the DEO’s stash of Kryptonite. A Juru sister attacks Winn, who shields himself with the personal device. Using the hologram, they plan on tricking the woman to activate the portal. Ruby and Sam hide behind a dark screen at the DEO from the other, while an agent grabs the blood samples. They get her to attack, blinding her. Selena prepares to attack, shooting Selena with Kryptonite bullets and stopping the others with Kryptonite weaponry. Kara, Mon-El, and Alura are able to get through while Kara grabs the blood. Agent Deimos sacrifices his life to get the blood to Kara, who tosses it in midair to Selena and incinerates it. (I would have crushed it under my boot heel, but you do you.)

Dark Days: Agent Deimos’ body is taken away as Winn watches. Alex notices that Sam is getting weaker. Lena and Eve can’t make the rock work with Sam’s blood. Lena realizes that Reign is zapping strength away from Reign. J’onn and M’yrnn have made it to the part of the memories that are the White Martians. J’onn wants to take a break, but M’yrnn wants to continue. He wants these memories to be a reminder that they take a different path in life. He hopes that he has taught J’onn the importance of balance. Selena had enough of Purity and Pestilence’s blood on her hands in order to recreate Reign. Alura thinks that a fountain in the Dark Valley which grants infinite strength can overwhelm Reign and make Sam survive. Reign has risen with her own body and totally in control. Selena and her sisters greet the resurrected Worldkiller. With the sword of Juru, Reign plants the seeds to begin the destruction of Earth. They then killed Coville as he outlived his usefulness. James comes to check in on Winn who is blaming himself for Deimos’ death. Kara introduces Alura to Alex, who immediately gives her a hug. They are ready to shock Sam into the Valley of Juru in order to get to the fountain. Reign files into the glowing cauldron as tremors shake National City. J’onn and M’yrnn stop the Reach in order to help. They’re creating a Genesis Event and need to stop things before they get started. M’yrnn thinks he can stop it by going into the Nexus and shapeshifting into the Earth.

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