Heroes Unite To Defeat Reign In “Battles Lost and Won” On The Supergirl Season Finale

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It’s the season finale, Supergirl fans!

Last week, the cult of Yuda-Kal revived Reign to kickstart a Genesis event. Such an event will wipe out all life on Earth, allowing it to become New Krypton. It’s essentially what Zod wanted to do in Man of Steel. While Reign gets stronger, Sam gets weaker due to their connection. Kara and Mon-El were also stuck on Krypton. With Winn’s help and Alura’s AI, they are able to get back on Earth also joined by Alura.

Let’s see how this all plays out, shall we?

Sacrifice: Kara, Alura, and James begin to help the civilians of National City. (Also we get a shout-out to Clark, where the hell has been?! Could have used him on this one.) Before M’yrnn becomes one with the Earth, he shares with J’onn the memories of the original keeper of the Sacred Scrolls, who received them from H’ronmeer. James reveals his face to a woman before going to save her son. Imra and Brainy return to the past. Imra stopping a cyclone so Kara and Alura can freeze it. J’onn and M’yrnn say their goodbyes to each other. It’s honestly the saddest thing in the episode. M’yrnn’s sacrifice seems to work, the cracks begin to close. It looks like he saved the day.

Savior: Kara and Alex hug J’onn at his return. Winn is still looking for the source of the terraforming. Imra says that they received Mon-El’s beacon to come back. Coville didn’t die and wakes up as the cult tries to get the cauldron going again to create New Krypton. She and Mon-El also officially break-up. They need to hope that Sam returns as well. Sam runs into the ghost of her mother, who tells her where to drink from. Though she doesn’t quite believe it’s her mother. (To be fair, neither do we.) Still she drinks from the fountain that her mother directs from. Brainy sits down with Winn and Mon-El. The Blight has been stopped, but Brainiac-1 is running around in the future, killing all the other AIs. Brainy himself cannot stay there. The Legion needs Mon-El’s leadership. They also need Winn’s technological mind as the tech he develops for the DEO ends up being the foundation of some cutting age tech. He can help save the AIs. In return, Brainy will stay in the past until the danger is over.

Toil and Trouble: Reign breaks free from the Earth’s core, but they need to restart the cauldron again. Coville meanwhile is quietly crawling his way to J’onn’s ship. Lena and Alex watch over Sam, whose vitals are remaining steady. They also have a talk over Alex wanting kids, but she needs to figure out the next step. Lena knows she’ll make it work. Winn tells James about the offer to go to the future to help the Legion. He doesn’t want to leave his family behnd. James tells Winn about his own struggle with unmasking. Coville sends out the distress signal. They need to kill Reign, but Kara refuses to do so. (You killed Rhea last year!) Kara agrees to do whatever it takes. Sam can’t keep drinking the water, but her ghost mom sings a lullaby to coaz her into drinking. Sam feels better and accepts her mother’s apologies. She wakes up to find herself floating and that she has powers. She goes to join the others, who have arrived to confront the cult and Reign. A fight breaks out between the cult members and Reign. Kara, naturally, takes Reign. The two of them crash into the Legion ship. Reign chokes Kara out, declaring that no prison to contain her. Sam appears behind Reign and stabs her with the Sword of Juru. Reign hits Sam back into the wall. Her heat vision goes crazy as the Cauldrons fires swallow her whole. It hits Sam, Alura, and Mon-El (who saves J’onn). Kara blames herself for what she sees as their deaths. She takes Mon-El’s Legion ring and plans to fly back in time through a disruption to stop Reign from happening. Haven’t you learned from Barry? Using the black rock, they take Reign to the Dark Valley. Sam force feeds her the water of weakness. Some shadow demons carry her off. (Essentially, we stole the plot points from the first Superman movie and Ghost.)

All’s Well: Mon-El awkwardly flirts with Kara using a terrible comparison to Persephone and Hades. Kara tells him that when they went to Argo, she had this idea of being Kara Zor-El ordinary citizen. She had this realization that Earth and National City are her home. This her life, she has all these parts of her together. Mon-El thought this could be his place and time, but it’s not. He belongs in the future and needs to go back. Before he leaves, he gives Kara his ring. Sam is back to one hundred percent and Ruby thanks Lena and Alex. Sam is now one hundred percent human and not a trace of Reign remains. Winn, meanwhile, comes to the decision that he needs to go to the future and help. James also decides to tell the truth about his identity. Alex goes to see J’onn, admitting her fears and wants to resign from the DEO. He tells her that she’s a hero and can’t resign. J’onn wants to promote her and is stepping down to be part of the world after hiding away from so long. He wants Alex to be the Director of the DEO. It means less field work for her, so she can have it all.

That Ends Well: Alura and Kara watch as Winn says his goodbyes to his fellow agents. Alura tells her how proud she is of her and how much she will miss her. Lena hands off the case of the black rock to Alura, who expresses her relief that it will be gone from Earth. (Sure it will.) J’onn wishes Winn well. James and Winn do his and Clark’s secret handshake. Alex just gives Winn a wordless hug. Kara expresses how glad she is that Winn has been with her. The group has one final hug while the agents applaud around them. Winn leaves Brainy his drawing. He tries his hand at piloting. James confirms he’s Guardian. J’onn heads into a crowd of people. Kara and Alex watch the news report of James coming out as the Guardian. The two of them talk about their futures and their friends. Kara declares her home is here with her sister. Alex is so thrilled Kara came back, asking if they’ll be okay. She thinks that they will be.

Next Season? Lena has some of the rock yet and declares that they are ready to begin Phase 2 of their trials. On the Siberian boarder, a naked Kara walks toward the confused military personnel.

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