Get Ready To Revisit The Supernatural With The First Trailer Of A Discovery Of Witches

Credit: Sky

We have been eagerly awaiting word on Sky One’s extravagant adaptation of A Discovery of Witches for ages. Well our patience has been rewarded as the first-look trailer for the production dropped today (June 25) and it is everything that we have wanted to see in the series. Dark, mysterious, luxurious and oh so cinematic, the crackle of magic and the supernatural just jumps from the screen.

Based on the first book in Deborah Harkness’ All Souls Trilogy, A Discovery of Witches is set in modern day Oxford, but things aren’t quite like our world. Here witches, vampires and daemons live among us. They work with us, carrying on with their everyday lives. All this is about to change for one witch – Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer) – who discovers an ancient and magically hidden manuscript in the university’s Bodleian Library and is reluctantly thrown into a dangerous life and death mystery where the lives of everyone she loves and cares for are in danger.

With the book comes the enigmatic geneticist Professor Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode), who is also a vampire. The two pair up and with their academic specialities and magical abilities, attempt to uncover the secrets contained within the manuscript, all the while falling in love, an act that threatens to bring down the centuries old fragile peace in the supernatural world.

Though pretty hefty tomes, I sped through all three books in the trilogy and was enthralled with the world Harkness created. I was pleased to see that Sky One gave (at least the first novel) a series to explore the events, providing greater opportunity to capture this world and the scale of the story. With this trailer, they haven’t disappointed yet. We have our familiar world, mixed with the unfamiliar of the supernatural world, and we have some basic background into the relationships and what is at stake as Diana and Matthew continue on their journey all wrapped up in a gorgeous package. It just leaves the viewer wanting more and eager for a premiere date.

A Discovery of Witches will air on Sky One and NOW TV later this year.

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