4YE’s Summer TV Reels Feels Week 3 For June 17th Through June 24th

This week, one of our Defenders of New York made his way back to our screens and gave us much to celebrate. Summer wouldn’t be quite right without him.

We also had a lot to say about The Handmaid’s Tale as it up the ante and took our breath away.

Check out our picks this week for the Summer TV Reels Feels!

Top Performer

Bec: This week is a tie between Simone Missick and Mustafa Shakir. If Mike Colter is the soul of Luke Cage, then Simone Missick is definitely the heart. Missick’s portrayal of Misty as she tries to navigate her life post-Defenders is absolutely spot-on. Watching her deal with the ableist bs that follows is uncomfortable to watch, but sensitively portrayed. Missick’s clearly a talent to watch. Mustafa Shakir as John McIver/Bushmaster? After lackluster villains in Iron Fist, Defenders, and no villain in Jessica Jones, Shakir brings a bit of charming menace to Marvel/Netflix shows. He just has such a magnetic presence on the screen. He’s honestly a breath of needed fresh air (or a punch to the face). It also goes without saying but if Alfre Woodard doesn’t get an Emmy nod for her work as Mariah Dillard, then what is even the freaking point?

Clare: Elisabeth Moss, you bloody legend. What a performance in this week’s The Handmaid’s Tale. “The Last Ceremony” was extremely traumatic, scarily pertinent and so brilliantly constructed and performed by all. You could feel June’s pain, anger, anguish, fear, defiance just screaming from the screen. This role was made for Moss.

Emmy: Billy Porter takes the win for me this week for his turn on Pose. No one could have nailed heartbreak and utter devastation like Porter did during this week’s episode. Being diagnosed as HIV positive after spending years thinking that you were in the clear is a bitter pill to swallow and just watching Porter go through all the emotions in one minute was absolutely breathtaking.

Top Episode

Bec: Luke Cage’s tenth episode, “The Main Ingredient”, the show does something incredible. It gives us a Danny Rand that fans deserved. Finn Jones and Mike Colter have amazing, easy chemistry together. It almost feels like finally, finally we got the team-up that we’ve been wanting. Not only that but that gut punch at the end of the episode? Damn son. They know how to take a nice breezy hour and hit you hard. Amazing episode of the show.

Clare: I never really know where to put these types of shows/series in these lists, but I’m going to park it here for this list. This week I’ve been obsessed with Netflix’s The Staircase. I had first heard about the case during some recent episodes of the podcast Undisclosed so seeing the series pop up on Netflix, I wanted to check it out. The access that the film crew got to the accused Michael Peterson, to his family, and the US judicial system was quite surprising but made the series that much more fascinating to watch as you basically followed his side of the story from not long after he is accused of Kathleen Peterson’s murder. You have to watch it knowing there’s a bias to Peterson and knowing that it only deals with the legal facts of the case (some of the theories I never knew about until I went looking after finishing the series), but it’s a very interesting true crime doco that’s worth checking out..

Emmy: I’m with Bec on this one. I have been waiting forever to get a proper Danny Rand, and we finally got him with the tenth episode of Luke Cage. Now I just need the Heroes for Hire arc to be a thing, and I’ll be satisfied.

Top Moment

Bec: Supergirl did an amazing send-off to Jeremy Jordan, who has switched from series regular to a recurring role on the series. The goodbyes before Winn goes to the future? It’s a needed moment of sweetness. I hope that the show sheds overly complicated plots and goes back to the heart that made the first season, while imperfect, a joy to watch.

Clare: It feels weird listing this as a “top moment” but know this is because of the wonderful performances by all involved. My top moment for this week was the rape of June to induce the baby naturally. Her horror and pain was palpable, You actually started to see a bit of humanity and possibly regret and the questioning of the practice from Serena Joy and even Commander Waterford was uncomfortable with the whole exercise and obviously just wanted it over asap. It will be very interesting to see how everyone reacts the next time all three are together next… if we ever get that.

Emmy: Pose gets my vote as I really enjoyed Elektra’s breakdown at the diner this week as she came to terms with really wanting to go all the way and completing her transition from male to female. For a woman who seemed to have it all, it was heartbreaking and also refreshing at the same time to see that she still doesn’t feel complete.

Most Disappointing

Bec: I do hope that in season two of CBS’ Instinct they handle some of the continuity errors going on in the season. It feels like, at times, episodes are being shown out of order. It’s distracting.

Clare: Again this seems wrong to have this as most disappointing given how powerful I thought the episode was and how relevant and important it was for our time, but I would have to say that “The Last Ceremony” was disappointing to a certain extent because of what I’d imagined it would be like based on others comments. The new eps aren’t released here in Australia until Thursday night our time so it’s almost 24 hours after some in the US get it. Seeing other people’s reactions to the episode I guess I was expecting more – of what I have no idea but I found that I didn’t have the reaction to the episode that I was expecting.

Emmy: I was disappointed with the very first episode of Luke Cage as it came off too soap-opera-ish and nearly ended up putting me off the entire season but thankfully that was the weakest episode of the season.


Bec: “Just because you a woke superhero, doesn’t mean you have to be a broke superhero.” -Bobby (Ron Cephas Jones), Luke Cage

Clare: “Oh My God kangaroos! They’re looking at us!” – Antoni, Queer Eye Yass Australia


Bec: I mean Luke Cage season two obviously. If you’re not a superhero kind of person, I definitely suggest Nailed It!

Emmy: I’m with Bec; go check out Luke Cage. It’s so easy to binge on that you will find yourselves lost in Harlem and not even caring to stop.

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