4YE’s Summer TV Reels Feels Week 2 For June 10th Through June 17th

While Summer means mostly binge watching on old shows or catching up on ones we missed during the normal television season, this week’s feels had us loving some new things that are gracing our screens.

We rejoiced the return of a favorite and celebrated a cancellation undone. We also had much to say about a season finale and series finale too.

Check out our choices for week two of our Summer TV Reels Feels!

Top Performer

Bec: With Netflix saving Lucifer from cancellation, it’s time to give a shout-out to our boy Tom Ellis. He does an amazingly layered, nuanced performance for the character. Plus he’s just multi-talented; I would love an album of all the songs he’s covered on the series, with“Sinnerman” being a particular fave. If anyone can stir up sympathy for the devil, then we’re glad it’s happening with Ellis’ capable hands.

Clare: The Fab5 are back and as fabulous as ever. I love all of the guys, and season two just endeared them all more to me. I love how involved they get with the people they work with and also generally come away with a new perspective on life too. They are all so much fun and I want them to come here and make over my life. Unfortunately I missed my chance when they were in Canberra a fortnight ago.

Emmy: Indya Moore had me in tears during this week’s episode of Pose. Angel’s heartbreaking Christmas story was one I’ll never forget as I can’t fathom a child being punished over wanting a certain gift. Her scenes with Evan Peters always leave me wanting more as their chemistry is off the charts!

Top Episode

Bec: Look in this dumpster fire of a time that we all live in, we need some comfort food for the soul and heart. Go watch Queer Eye’s second season. All of it, it’s all amazing and I loved it. All the episodes win.

Clare: We finally got that Sense8 finale and boy was it worth the wait. While it at times felt rushed wrapping up all the plots and explaining things, they were able to wrap up the series fittingly and it was great to have a real conclusion. It was so good seeing everyone back together and the addition of all the key players in their lives working with them to achieve their goals. I’ll definitely miss this series.

Emmy: With the news of Lucifer’s renewal, I decided to dive into the pilot episode, and I am hooked. Tom Ellis is so freaking smooth that I would totally dance with the devil in the pale moonlight if it looked like him.

Top Moment

Bec: It was such a minor moment, but it was totally sweet when Kara got to introduce her mom to her sister on Supergirl. Alura just went in for the hug and thanked Alex so much for loving her daughter. And, like, more of those moments in season four? Please?

Clare: What a Sense8 final scene… the nuptials and party on the Eiffel Tower with everyone in attendance was so much fun, and made up for everything they had all gone through over the series. I so wanted to party with them. The final scenes with them all together were very moving and a great way to end the series.

Emmy: Pray Tell confiding in Blanca about his true Christmas plans was so heartbreaking on Pose. Billy Porter sold that scene effortless, and my heart just broke for him all over as we already knew what was really going before Blanca did, and it didn’t lessen the pain not one bit.

Most Disappointing

Bec: SUPERGIRL’S VILLAINS LITERALLY STOLE THEIR EVIL PLOT FROM MAN OF FREAKIN’ STEEL. Like ohmyGod writers, I get you’re under a time crunch when writing these scripts. I feel you, I understand you, I have an MFA in Screenwriting. I. Get. It. But if I tried to pull that stuff when I was getting it? I would have been sent to the drawing board so fast my head would spin. Plus don’t go stealing from Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer, what is even wrong with you? This whole season is a mess.

Clare: As much as I loved the Sense8 finale, I was disappointed at the lack of storyline for Lito (Miguel Angel Silvestre), Hernando Fuentes (Alfonso Herrera) and Daniela Velazquez (Eréndira Ibarra). Their storyline was one of my favourites in the series and it didn’t really seem as if they got much to do in the finale. I would have liked to have seen a bit more focused on them and their storyline.

Emmy: Not really 100% disappointing but it always bothers me when they send a top 4 to the finale on Drag Race. Seems like a cop out at times and while the ladies did slay, not everyone deserves to go to the finale (AQUARIA).

Top Quote

“God, I just found a bag of teeth. […] Okay, zero judgment, but maybe they should be in a special little box and not literally behind your head in a bag for an unsuspecting gay guy who just walked into your house and thought he would put his hand innocently down and find human teeth!” -Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye


“You cannot antagonize and evangelize at the same time.” -Mama Tammye, Queer Eye

No more carbs in the house, I will eat them ALL!!” – Lito, Sense8

Blanca: “You think this is the first time since I’ve been diagnosed that I’ve had to talk about somebody dying of this plague? Don’t you dare treat me as delicate.”
Pray: “The worst part is that I’m used to it by now. Do you know how many boyfriends I’ve seen go in there over the last four years? How are we supposed to get invested in someone if they can be gone a week later.”
Blanca:” As if this life wasn’t hard enough.” – Pose

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