4YE Quick List: Five Movies To Celebrate Pride Month

Credit: PSH Collective

It’s Pride month, everyone! And it’s time to share and celebrate the love in all forms. Here is our quick list of movies that tell amazing stories of LGBTQ+ characters and their feelings. Check out some of our favorites!

Credits: Voltage Pictures

Based on a true story, Dallas Buyers Club will bring you to tears. The 2014 drama tells the story of Ron Woodroof, a straight cowboy from Texas who needs to face the fact that he’s got AIDS, and the doctors tell him he has got 30 days left to live. That’s a hard one. The story is set in 1985, which makes it all the more important to tell his story as it was a different time back with AIDS crisis, which was made more difficult for everyone as the combination of poor medication, and the popular opinion that you can only get infected when you are a gay person didn’t bode well for those afflicted with the disease. As Ron isn’t gay and he, in fact, shows off his homophobic side on more than one occasion, the movie really begins to take off as Ron grows to learn about his sickness, homosexuality, society, friendship, and feelings. It will really touch your heart to see how he fights for his and other peoples lives by illegaly trading medication. At the end he gets involved with all of his heart in a world he didn’t want to know anything about at the start. Very heart-warming is the relationship to Rayon, a transgender woman with AIDS. She has to deal with moody Ron all the time besides having her own problems like the relationship to her father. Every single character in this deals with their own demons but especially Rayon shows off the happiness. In her greatest moments, she makes you smile and celebrate life. Give this movie a chance, and you won’t regret it. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto were received Oscars for their performances in Dallas Buyers Club, and all we can say is that it was well deserved.


credits: Lifetime

In 2009, Lifetime gave us a very important TV movie. Prayers for Bobby is a hard story and not a classic feel-good movie. It’s also based on true story but no wonder that it took about 25 years to make it to the screen. In 1989, Leroy Aarons reads in the newspapers about the suicide of a 20-year-old man from Walnut Creek. Very remarkable for him was the fact that his mother tried everything to shut down the homosexual nature of her son. Bobby Griffith suffered from the judgment of the church and his own family and as a result, in 1983, he commits suicide. Losing her son changed Mary Griffith forever. Today she is an icon and activist in the PFLAG movement. She is trying to help other parents accepting the homosexuality of their kids. In 1991, the journalist Aarons started to write a book about Bobby’s Death and Mary’s transformation called Prayers for Bobby: A Mother’s Coming to Terms With the Suicide of Her Gay Son that got published in 1996, which brings us to 2009, the year the TV movie came out. It tells the whole story and no, it doesn’t have a happy ending. Not for Bobby and even though the character of Mary makes steps of growing and learning, you can not expect her to have a happy ending. She is a mother who lost her son, which is the worst case for every mom as it’s not meant to be. It’s not the circle of life for parents to lose their kids. But it tells the story of how love is stronger, but sometimes it’s too late. For some people, it was too late in the past. Maybe there will be people in the future and it will be too late for them at some point but Mary Griffith is doing her best to prevent stories such as her own through her activism and sharing her story. That deserves respect.


credits: PHS collective

First Girl I Loved is an American movie from 2016 that probably a lot of LGBTQ+ people can relate to. The film gives us a story about the first time this teenage girl in high school fell in love with the same gender and how she lived through all the problems that came with it. Dylan Gelula as Anne and Brianna Hildebrand, known from the Deadpool movies, give amazing performances in it. It’s an up and down roller coaster but in the end you can leave it for good. It’s a movie about first love and growing up. It makes you think about your own story because it’s a thing everyone goes through,  regardless of orientation but refreshing to see from a different point of view.


credits: HBO

Angels in America is not exactly a movie but a remarkable mini-series from 2003 which we loved.  Based on the timeless play by Tony Kushner, which is set in the 1980s, this story is more important than ever. It’s about life, love and humanity. It never gets old and the best examples for that are given in the monologues that are not only about the problems of homophobia but also the sad truth about how some do not see homosexuals as real people. Aspects of the story match our time more than ever as Prior talking about refugees or Louis’ monologue about the democracy in America. As it is set in the 80s, we have the AIDS crisis, given in Prior’s story, who gets diagnosed. He has to fight battles about lost love and an Angel that crashes into his bedroom. His boyfriend Louis struggles with his loyalty and love. He seems not to be strong enough to stick with the person he loves as he is dying. We have Joe Pitt, a Mormon who works for the mean Roy Cohn and has to face the fact that he is gay when he meets Louis and develops feelings for him. But there is his wife, Harper, a desperate gloriously broken woman who is a valium addict and has a special relationship with Prior whom she meets in her halluzinations. It’s some sort of a strange fantasy but there is so much reality and truth in it. In the end, it’s not only about suffering but also saying yes to the life.


credits: 20th Century Fox

Love, Simon is already one of the most important movies for young queers – just check Twitter. It was amazingly touching to see what the people had to say about the movie right after seeing it. A lot of queer young people told the story about how they have seen the movie with their parents and after it, found the courage to come out to them for the first time. Or a girl who wrote how comfortable she felt to show off her love for her girlfriend in the public after they went to see Love, Simon. It’s a great love story, a movie about the things that really matter in life, growing up, friendship and being true to yourself. It has a happy ending, which makes it a feel-good movie. This movie already changed the lives of a lot of people. Maybe it will change yours too? Or just gives you a very nice movie night in this year’s Pride month.