“We Are The Flash” Sees The Team Try To Save The World On The Flash Season Finale

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Everything pretty much sucks. DeVoe has started the Enlightenment using the STAR Labs satellite with his Kilg%re powers. He’s also hoping to eradicate such emotions like love because his wife left him for being an abusive douchebag. Can DeVoe just go now? We’re ready for him to go. We’re really, really ready for him to go.

Also Caitlin has had Killer Frost within in long before the particle accelerator exploded. We have questions about that.

Let’s see if they’re going to get answered in The Flash season finale, shall we?

Inception: Captain Singh calls Barry Allen about getting his job back when the Enlightenment goes down with the DeVoe’s Kilg%re powers shutting down the whole city. An eerier purple light shines over the city as the entire globe is bathed in Dark Matter. Team Flash is trying to get everything up. Cecile and Joe show up at STAR Labs where Cecile is in labor. It looks like Caitlin may deliver the baby. They figure out that DeVoe was using Harry as a test case. They don’t know what to do with DeVoe, but Iris brings in Marlize. Marlize wants to link Barry’s mind with DeVoe’s in an Inception style. It turns out that DeVoe wanted the bus metas in order to defeat any friends Barry could call in. Marlize wants to use Cecile’s powers in order to slip Barry in DeVoe’s mind. During it, Harry doesn’t even speak showing that he’s totally gone. In order to get Barry into DeVoe, he has to get into the chair. This all seems like such a bad idea. Barry lands inside of DeVoe’s mind during the memory of the bus meta creation. DeVoe in full Thinker mode floats up.

Search and Rescue: Marlize tells Barry that he needs to find the DeVoe home to reach the emotional core of him. The house is utterly empty with a broken picture frame left. Cecile’s contractions are progressing meaning she’s about to lose her powers. Caitlin wants to get her the inhaler to slow things down. When Cecile grabs Caitlin, she becomes someone else mentioning a Thomas. Cisco realizes Harry is missing and finds him with the Thinking Cap. He begs Cisco to help him. Cisco turns it on and Harry recovers enough of himself to tell Cisco to let Barry know to find DeVoe where he fell in love with Marlize. He then hugs Cisco, who takes off the cap. Cisco promises that they won’t lose anyone else today. Barry can’t find DeVoe in Oxford but he does find Ralph. The two of them hug and cry, holding onto each other. (How do we know that Ralph isn’t DeVoe?) DeVoe shows up, who declares that there is no defeating the Big Bad this year. He promises No Escape. Cecile has another contraction, declaring that DeVoe is coming for them. Ralph suggests going back to his teaching. Cisco grabs Harry who is writing the symbols that Barry was earlier in the season. DeVoe shows up, telling them that he will have Barry’s connection to the Speed Force now. He will be God with that. Marlize takes them to the pocket dimension, declaring they have some time. Ralph and Barry find the murdered body of good DeVoe. Well that’s a big failure.

Nexus: With Good DeVoe dead, Ralph tells Barry that he’s stuck here. Barry isn’t. He should go, be with his family. Barry realizes that Ralph isn’t the only good left in DeVoe. He tells Ralph to he needs to make through the portal and regain control. This is his body. Not DeVoe’s. DeVoe is approaching the pocket dimension. Joe is pissed off and confronts Marlize. Iris reminds him that they need to have faith that they can get through this. They only have minutes until DeVoe finds them. DeVoe is kicking Barry and Ralph’s asses because of course he is. He can read their minds, so Ralph says they go on gut instinct. Then there’s an army of DeVoe’s coming after him. They realize that Harry is saying the exact same words Barry did when he came out of the Speed Force. Then DeVoe comes in like a douchebag. DeVoe is about make Joe shoot himself, but he resists. He then approaches Cecile. Barry and Ralph prepare to wing him into the Nexus using some cartoon physics. DeVoe forces Cecile down and begins to strangle her. I hate this douchebag so much. Together, Barry and Ralph reach the Nexus. Barry wakes up in his body. Ralph and DeVoe begin to duke it out, DeVoe hitting something on the back of his chair. He declares this is not his will, but Ralph makes it clear that it’s his own. He gets his body. The numbers are still rising, but they need to override the last command to stop the Enlightenment. It looks like things are good, but there are also twenty minutes left. They return to STAR Labs so Cecile can have the baby. That’s when the chair lights up, seriously can’t this guy just go away?!

Delivery: Caitlin prepares to relive her med school days by delivering the newest Baby West. That’s when DeVoe shows up because fuck him. He tells Marlize that he thought of everything, even this moment. Marlize removes the power source. Apparently, DeVoe employed a literal dead man’s switch. They need to figure out how to handle that satellite. Central City starts getting wrecked by pieces of falling debris. Ralph, Cisco, and Barry head out to try and help the public. Barry prepares to sonic punch the satellite, even if it means his own death. He gathers up speed, but then time rewinds. This time Mystery Girl joins Barry, helping him destroy the satellite. Barry lands to cheers around him from the citizens of Central City. Ralph, Cisco, and Barry return to STAR Labs. In the other room, Joe and Cecile’s daughter lets out her first cry.

Restoration: Marlize has cobbled together a device that will restore Harry’s mind. Barry and Iris offers her a place on Team Flash. She wants to help heal the world, be an optimist again. Barry remembers that Mystery Girl was there with the satellite, but he remembers a second speedster. Team Flash use Marlize’s device to reverse the process on Harry, and Harry returns quoting movies at Cisco. He doesn’t have his same level of intellect that he once did. Cisco is disappointed, but Harry tells him that he brought back what matters. Cisco has given him a balance between his head and his heart. Harry is okay with no longer being defined by his intellect, but he wants to go back to Earth-2. He needs to go see Jessie. Team Flash tells him to visit because they’re family to. He then peaces out, before realizing he needs to hug them all goodbye. Cisco declares that it’s the end of an era. Cecile and Joe return home with the baby to happy well-wishers. Wally’s also there to toast Jenna Marie West. Joe and Wally share a moment together, where Barry assures his Dad that he found what he was looking for. Iris teases Barry that someday it will be their turn, as Barry freaks out. Mystery Girl shows up at the West house, declaring to be Iris and Barry’s daughter NORA FROM THE FUTURE! OOOOOH SNAP!

Bec Heim