“Therefore She Is” Sees The Mechanic Oppose The Thinker On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

Last week, Barry tried to come to terms with Ralph’s death and a potential weakness for DeVoe was revealed: emotions. With Leo Snart’s help, however, Barry could begin the grieving process for his fallen comrade. Fallout was taken to an ARGUS black site in order to be kept from DeVoe’s hands, who needs his power to build his Enlightenment Machine. Marlize, meanwhile, seems to realize that the bond she had with her husband that she bragged to Iris about? It’s fading because he’s become an abusive asshole. (She’s also still being drugged with Weeper’s tears.)

Also Harry is having his own Flowers for Algernon situation as he’s losing his mind thanks to a dark matter overload from his Thinking Cap.

This week, we hit the final stretch for the season. Thank God because DeVoe needs to go away now.

So let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Meeting Minds: At Oxford University eight years ago, Marlize and DeVoe are on a panel debating about technology. DeVoe caps it by saying that the best ideas by the smartest of men can become corrupted. In the present, DeVoe plans on building his Enlightenment device. A portal opens up in Cisco’s lab with a box from Gypsy. Josh wants to know about Cisco taking over the Breacher job, but she wants him to take his time. Except probably not? Cisco looks freaked out when she says it’s fine. Team Flash sets a plan for drawing out Killer Frost by spiking her adrenaline with Vibe’s powers. Harry, meanwhile, is showing more neural degeneration by forgetting key details of everything. Everyone learns about what happened with Harry and the Thinking Cap. Everyone wants to help reversing the regression. Harry wants to focus on beating the ticking clock. Barry wants the team to come together as a family to beat DeVoe. Speaking of, he and Marlize arrive at a lab for a heist. When they run into a security guard, DeVoe prepares to make him shoot himself. Marlize tries to talk him down, but DeVoe tells her that they knew causalities were necessary. She agrees and leaves DeVoe to make the guard shoot himself.

Planning Acumen: DeVoe leads Team Flash throughout the crime scene. Barry wants Cisco to vibe the security guard’s gun, but Cisco needs more power. For that, he needs Gypsy (reluctantly). What DeVoe stole though? It’s a solar panel. At Jitterz, Joe asks Harry to distract Cecile while he does something for her. We witness Marlize and DeVoe’s relationship as they share a picnic and a dance together. Gypsy tells Cisco that in order to co-vibe, their minds need to be totally in sync. They see a dock, shipping container number 16. Barry, Cisco, and Gypsy go to steal it from DeVoe. He was already there and easily beats them, knocking back Cisco and Gypsy along with sending Barry to the Aurora Borealis. Cisco and Gypsy have a fight about the co-vibe when Cisco mentions the job offer. Barry returns at that moment.

Questioning Future: Barry and Cisco discuss the job offer together. Cisco wants to be with Gypsy, but things are complicated. Barry suggests using this as a test case to see if they work well together. When Cisco seems reluctant, Barry comes with an idea to help. Marlize and DeVoe move into a new place together. She sends him off to get food so she can start unpacking. She finds a journal with his manifesto written inside that’s very anti-technology and wants to essentially lobotomize the world. Marlize confronts him when he returns, DeVoe explains his plans to her. For them to rule the world together and lead a new Enlightenment. Cecile arrives for Harry to distract her, but her telepathy proves that the more Harry uses his brain, the quicker he’s losing it. Barry tries to get Cisco and Gypsy on the same page by playing couple’s counselor. They’re still not on the same page. When DeVoe goes on a robbery spree, the two of them can’t vibe to see what he’s building.

Synchronization: Iris sits Barry down to talk about what’s going on here. Barry feels like the team is falling apart, but Iris points out that he cannot fix them himself. He cannot make them fit together. Barry realizes that the tech DeVoe’s stealing doesn’t fit together. He’s building multiple things not just one. Cecile tries to comfort Harry over his loss of his mind, telling him there’s more than one to be intelligent. Harry has a thought and Cecile writes it down for him using her telepathy to read it. During her humanitarian work in Kenya, DeVoe calls Marlize to try to get her to come home. She refuses, not wanting to go back to a man who thinks society is a disease. Then there’s an attack and Marlize are knocked out in an explosion. Cisco and Gypsy have a talk about their relationship. Neither of them wants Cisco to take Breacher’s job. Cisco, however, wants more with Gypsy than stolen moments together. Gypsy doesn’t want anything to change, but Cisco wants more with her. He doesn’t want her to give up her job, but he wants to wake up with her in the morning. While she’s fine with what they have, he’s not. Barry calls them into the cortex to reveal what DeVoe’s doing, he’s building satellites and needs a quantum computer to handle them. Marlize and DeVoe arrive to grab the computers.

Marital Spat: Barry arrives and knocks DeVoe into a wall. Cisco and Gypsy also help on the scene. Caitlin tries to get Killer Frost back by firing a freeze ray at him. DeVoe decide to kill Gypsy in order to frighten Caitlin enough to turn. He begins to strangle Gypsy with his gravitational powers. Marlize, however, appeals to his human side, begging him not to take an innocent life. He reluctantly releases Gypsy and leaves with Marlize. Gypsy is fine though. DeVoe has managed to get everything he needs for the Enlightenment. Harry and Cecile reveal the plan for the Enlightenment. He wants to remove the intelligence of everyone on Earth with concentrated dark matter bursts so that he may shape humanity in his own image.

Break-Up: Cisco and Gypsy go to Earth-19. She starts to cry and apology for wanting for more. Cisco assures her that nothing is wrong with what’s happening. Sometimes, life is just like that. Before he leaves, she kisses him goodbye and gives him a huge hug. The two of them say goodbye to each other. Cecile arrives at Barry and Iris’ apartment for a baby shower. Barry sees Cisco sitting alone and goes to talk with him about his break-up. He apologizes for pushing him and Gypsy, but he thinks they did was what right for them. Cisco wants to know why it hurts so much. Iris goes to talk with Caitlin about her stunt, but Caitlin wants KF back. Marlize wakes up in Kenya with DeVoe next to her. He tells her that he came the moment the line cut out. She tells him that he was right. A militia wanted her water purifier with women and children slaughtered for a simple piece of tech. She admits that she saw the truth in his words. It’s why she ran. She tells him to Enlighten the world. In the present, Marlize sits in the chair for her to be healed. She tells Clifford that she’s leaving him. She made a vow to her husband, who was the Thinker’s first victim. She reminds him that he is nothing without her before leaving. The Mystery Girl arrives to deliver a diaper bag. She splits when she sees Iris though. Then she runs off in burst of lightning.

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