The Team Has To “Think Fast” To Stop DeVoe’s Enlightenment Plans On The Flash

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Flash fans!

We’re almost done with the season. With that, we can finally say goodbye to DeVoe. I am so ready to say bye-bye to his mansplaining, manipulative ass at this point. I’m pretty sure that I hate him more than any bad guy on the show.

Last week, Team Flash tried to figure out how to defeat DeVoe. They enlisted Amunet’s help, but she had them find her special metal first. She then ditched them, but not without leaving a parting gift of a special concussive device that could destroy one of the Enlightenment satellites. Caitlin also figured out that the answer to freeing Killer Frost has been inside her all along. Iris published an expose on DeVoe’s plans, though it left Barry a bit reluctant. It seemed to work, however, because people are leaving tips on his whereabouts.

So let’s see where we end up in the penultimate episode, shall we?

Final Measures: Diggle arrives on the ARGUS black ops site where Fallout is being kept. He asks that the dampener be lowered so that he can enter. It turns out that DeVoe is pretending to be Diggle. He kills all the guards as he walks through the black site. (I am so sick of this guy and all his freaking powers.) A scientist tries to post a message on Iris’ website before DeVoe enters the room. He takes control of the chamber where Fallout is. Team Flash tries to figure out how to take out of DeVoe’s satellites. Cisco wants each of them to stake out an air base, but they’re not at their best. The baby is on the way for Joe, but Harry is pretty far gone. Barry and Iris have a minor disagreement over sending citizens after Marlize. Caitlin goes to see Barry and Iris’ therapist to try to get Killer Frost to emerge. The Team gets the message from the ARGUS tech. Barry speeds Dig over where there’s a protocol for when he’s supersped over. They ask Diggle to check where he finds out he checked in six hours ago. DeVoe is draining Fallout’s powers. They have 12 hours until the Enlightenment begins.

Storming The Castle: Barry took Diggle back to Star City. The team has figured out what that there are randomized electrical plates, which Barry can use to fuel his speed and break through the pocket dimension. Good plan, but DeVoe has hostages. Goddamn, Thinker. Joe is nervous over the impending delivery. Cecile tells him to calm down but takes on the personality of the pizza delivery guy via telepathy when he arrives. Iris, meanwhile, is riding the struggle bus while trying to track down Marlize. Harry busts out some of his new emotional knowledge learned from the Council of Harrisons. She needs to figure out emotionally significant places to Marlize. Iris loves the idea and has Harry join her since he’s feeling kind of useless. Caitlin and Cisco also have a plan on how to save the hostages and get Barry the boosted speed: he brings them into Flashtime.

Flash Exercises: Barry doesn’t know how to let go in Flashtime, but the science backs up Cisco and Caitlin. He just needs to figure out how to focus his aura around them so they can save the hostages while Barry deals with DeVoe. The three of them begin their Flashtime training. Cisco panics when he can’t open a breach as he exits Flashtime. Caitlin gets a text from Joe and Cecile and believes that as the body prepares for delivery Cecile will inhabit people’s minds. Cecile begins to inhabit Caitlin’s mind, but calms down. She’s stuck like this until she gives birth. Cecile needs to be isolated and use the inhaler until she gives birth. She also offers Caitlin some advice on not to ignore. Iris and Harry try to trace Marlize’s steps. Harry points out that DeVoe once had feelings. He thinks that Marlize can be turned to help them, but Iris doesn’t agree. She believes DeVoe and Marlize are both monsters. She gets agree at Harry. Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin enter Flashtime to practice again. Cisco is able to open a baby breach. Now it’s Caitlin turn to panic, which leads to Caitlin flashbacking to a childhood accident.

Shaky: Caitlin wakes up in the hospital bed. Barry wants to pull them off Flashtime and figure out another way. Cisco and Caitlin think this is the only way. Barry, however, remains firm. Harry visits Iris at her apartment where he wants her to put herself in Marlize’s shoes. It hits her where Marlize is hiding: somewhere she feels loved and safe. Cecile has inhabited Joe’s mind now with her powers, but the inhaler isn’t working now. Joe tries to use Lamaze to get Cecile back to normal. The two share a quick kiss. Barry tries to figure out how to handle the hostage situation. Cisco comes in for some gentle confrontation. They’re screwed either way. Cisco doesn’t think that Barry should use Ralph’s death. He believes that he pushed Ralph but Cisco said that they created the bus metas. The two of them hash it out. Cisco wants to make that choice to be a hero. Cisco and Caitlin both truly want to do this, which Barry agrees to. Harry and Iris know where Marlize is: England. Barry gives her the extrapolator. Iris kisses him and tells him to go save the world. They need to go now because Fallout has gone nuclear.

The Enlightenment: Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry arrive at the ARGUS black site to begin their plan. DeVoe has shrunk the chamber and declares “catch me if you can” before walking through his breach. Barry begins to charge his speed while Cisco and Caitlin handle their end. Barry enters the breach while Cisco and Caitlin are able to save the ARGUS agents. DeVoe sends off the the Enlightenment machines. Barry is able to destroy one of the satellites. DeVoe asks Barry if he taught him nothing this year. The Enlightenment will happen. No matter what Barry does. He paints out the Enlightenment world with peace. Barry says they wouldn’t know each other, wouldn’t feel anymore. DeVoe agrees, believing it’s a good thing to forget such emotions like love. He tells Barry that soon he will know this to. That felt way too easy. Caitlin tells Cisco about her repressed memory fragment. She wants Cisco to vibe her the memory. He tells her to focus and hang on. It turns out that she turned into Killer Frost as a small child. Harry and Iris arrive in Oxford at the first place DeVoe and Marlize shared together. Marlize is not thrilled to see them. Harry is in the penultimate stages of the Enlightenment. Iris tries to reach Marlize herself, telling her pessimism isn’t smarter than optimism. She believes that Marlize has faith in humanity. She asks Marlize what she’s willing to do for the world over her husband. Barry reports that DeVoe didn’t seem to care about the destroyed satellite. DeVoe has taken over the STAR Lab satellite and Gideon, using her to begin the Enlightenment.

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