“The Force of Gravity” Finally Brings Coulson And May Together on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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In the second to last episode of season 5 (and ever if the show doesn’t get renewed), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is pushing us towards the end of several long-running plotlines. Most importantly? Philinda. Yes, strap yourselves in for some BIG moments.

Daisy wakes up to a one-on-one chat with Kasius’ father Taryan. It seems the whole Kasius family is intrigued by Inhumans, and Taryan makes an effort to recruit Daisy willingly. She refuses and tries to quake him but her powers don’t work. No, they haven’t re-installed that suppression device. Rather, she and Taryan are speaking through astral projection. A device attached to Daisy’s forehead allows for this. Just as Taryan is finished bragging about his cleverness, Daisy uses her powers to break the device and wakes up to beat down the guards holding her.

Meanwhile, Coulson and May have been locked in a cell by Qovas. The pair is confident they can escape and prevent the Lighthouse from being hit by the Qovas’ missiles. When Coulson finally figures out a plan using his robotic arm, the door bursts open on its own and Deke takes out a guard.

Earlier, Talbot boarded the Zephyr, killed an agent and took the quinjet. Deke slipped onto the Confederacy ship to find Coulson, May, and Daisy. The foursome meet up when Daisy takes out a guard for them.

Speaking of Talbot, he flies the quinjet to Earth and meets Carl Creel in the hospital. By offering to make the voices in Creel’s head quiet down, Talbot gets him to agree to join him. But then he absorbs Creel completely. Afterward, Talbot pays his family a visit. His poor wife is suitably terrified by her husband’s instability and villain-esque wardrobe change. His son, George, is impressed at first but Talbot soon frightens the boy when he threatens his wife.

Mack and Yo-Yo figure out where Talbot is headed and try to talk sense into him. But he’s too drunk on power to hear anything other than himself… and George. When his son says he’s not a hero but a bad guy, Talbot stops attacking Mack and Yo-Yo. He decides to fly off to find more gravitonium and become more powerful. To that end, he rounds up Robin and her mother and asks the little prophet where she’s “seen” him pulling things from the ground.

Up in space, May makes the decision for Daisy and Coulson to leave via the Zephyr while she and Deke stay behind to reprogram the missiles. They can use the teleport machine to get away in time. Coulson protests and he and May argue until a guard surprises them. Then Coulson throws up his shield from his robotic arm, grabs May and kisses her. It’s in slow motion and it’s perfect, especially because Daisy is stunned and then absolutely delighted. As she should be!

While Deke is doing the reprogramming and setting up the teleportation machine, May engages Qovas one-on-one. But she doesn’t need to beat him, just distract him long enough. When he smugly fires the missiles, he doesn’t realize he’s fired them at himself. May and Deke zap themselves to the Lighthouse, but Daisy and Coulson are on a longer trip on the Zephyr. And Coulson can’t stop bleeding from a small wound.

That’s right, his condition has worsened (and just in time for the finale!). But Fitzsimmons have figured out how to use Jiaying’s blood and the Centipede serum to save him. They also think the Centipede serum may be the solution to stopping Talbot. There’s only enough for one though. If they save Coulson, does that mean they let the world be destroyed?

Field Notes



Coulson, after he and May kiss: “Not a word, Agent Johnson.”

Daisy: “Copy that… hot lips.”

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