Talbot Thinks He’s “The One Who Will Save Us All” On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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The last thing S.H.I.E.L.D. needed while trying to figure out a confusing timeline and prevent the destruction of the Earth is one more unhinged person with powers. And yet, that’s exactly what they have. The gravitonium-powered Talbot flies himself and Coulson all the way to the Confederacy’s spaceship above the Lighthouse. It starts out seeming like Talbot and Coulson are there to use their military strategy to strike a new deal for Earth’s survival, but Talbot wastes little time in using his powers to crush one of the alien minions and force everyone to kneel before him.

Whether he’s simply drunk on power or losing his mind to the gravitonium, Talbot takes over the ship and demands an audience with the entire Confederacy. Coulson gets Hale’s help (she was being held on board) because ultimately they all have the same goal: save Earth. Once he’s gotten his hair done, beard trimmed and groomed, and outfitted in new, hero-like threads, Talbot is ready for his big meeting. The Confederacy is uninterested in renegotiating and they scoff at a mere human wielding the power of the gravitonium. Talbot demonstrates his powers by killing one of the Confederacy, thereby making room for himself on the council.

After the other members flee in fear, Kasius’ father steps forward to sway Talbot to his side. He mentions Thanos’ siege on Earth and how Talbot could increase his own strength by tapping into the remaining deposits of gravitonium. When he returns to the ship and tells Coulson of his plan, Coulson, obviously, objects. The substance is unsafe and uncontrollable. Talbot sees Coulson’s pretty legit concerns as challenges to this authority and threatens to crush him unless Coulson kneels too.

At the Lighthouse, Daisy returns with her mother’s skeleton in tow. Yo-Yo confronts her about her absence, accusing Daisy of being the reason anyone died during the alien attack. That’s pretty unfair when Yo-Yo went off on her own and nearly got herself and Fitzsimmons killed, not to mention jeopardizing the team in the process. The two women fight out their feelings before May intervenes. She tells Yo-Yo that either she does something useful or leaves.

Similarly, Mack and Fitz have a tense conversation about the invincible trio’s actions. The way Mack sees it, Fitz is just as responsible for Ruby’s death as Yo-Yo because he sanctioned her action. As much as Fitz may say he’s sorry for one thing or another, he’s obviously not because he continues to believe all of his (and Simmons’ and Yo-Yo’s) choices have been to prevent the future they saw. Fitz goes to sulk with Simmons who has been tasked by Daisy with prepping Jaiying’s DNA and the centipede device in order to save Coulson.

May and Daisy lead a team up into space to rescue Coulson and Talbot. Deke comes along simply to get out of the Lighthouse. He had tried to tell Daisy about his feelings (the lemons trick totally backfired, of course) but stops when she says she’s still in love with Lincoln. The Zephyr, thanks to the artificial gravity machine installed by Fitz, makes it to the Confederacy ship. Daisy and May board but Talbot tells them they aren’t welcome. He threatens to kill Coulson unless they surrender. Hale tries to step in and active Talbot’s HYDRA brainwashing but he kills her instead. Daisy is knocked out and given to Kasius’ father while May and Coulson are taken prisoner.

Field Notes

  • Oh, Talbot. How could you go supervillain on us?
  • With Hale’s death, this season continues to kill off new characters. It’s still not looking good for Deke.
  • Thank goodness Mack had a straight up talk with Fitz because I am really tired of Fitz’s behavior. He acts like he can do anything and apologize later and that should be the end of it. And while Mack’s simplistic ideal of how life should work may not be correct, neither is Fitz’s method of putting everyone but himself and Simmons at risk.


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