RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: “Social Media Kings Into Queens” Brings Unlikely Pairing Together For A Family Makeover

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Hey there squirrelfriend! Welcome back to our RuCap for the 10th episode of season 10. Have we all recovered from the shock of the double shanty you stay last week, because it is clear that one of the still top six has a real issue about it. It was all the shade, and it made her look really ugly.

When the girls returned to the werkroom and Kameron was asking Eureka if they dropped into the splits together, because let’s be real that was a killer moment last week, when Aquaria casually dropped a comment about how that was the obvious moment to do the splits. Girl do not take that Lipsync away from Kameron and Eureka!! Aquaria then went on to rant about how it was unfair that the no elimination had been used and that she was wanting it to be the top 5! She also did the classic “it’s not just me feeling this way” but wouldn’t say who the others were. Let’s just say her thirsty for glory side was showing.


Asia had a moment to the camera about Aquaria which was GOLDEN, and she is cementing herself in my Top 3 queens of the season and I wouldn’t be disappointed if Asia took home the crown.

Credit: RuPaul’s Drag Race/Twitter

This week’s mini challenge was one of the funniest this year, the queens had to butch it up to advertise a new fragrance “Trade” and of course, Kameron was perfect for it given how masculine he looks out of drag, and some of the queens struggled and some surprised us at how good they were. The winner of the challenge wasn’t Kameron (and it so should have been), but instead, it was Eureka who won with her hilarious alter ego BJ!



Ru announced that this week would be the makeover challenge and that their models would be six high profile social media influencers including Tyler Oakley (because of course why wouldn’t he appear for some more attention) and Frankie Grande who has been pointed out could be Cynthia Lee Fontaine’s twin. The queens would be challenged to create a drag sister.  As the winner of the mini challenge, Eureka was asked to pair the queens with their drag sisters, and unlike Aquaria Eureka definitely played what she thought was a tactical decision.

Kameron – Anthony Padilla

Asia – Raymond Braun

Eureka – Frankie Grande

Aquaria – Kingsley

Miz Cracker – Chester See

Monét X Change – Tyler Oakley

Not going to lie other than Frankie and Tyler I have no idea who the other people are. And I was really torn because I don’t Tyler Oakley but I don’t want to see Monet to fail.

As the queens got to know their makeover victims, Kameron and Miz Cracker discover they have the challenge that their future drag sisters were heterosexual men and had never ever thought of doing drag before. As we know from season 9 this isn’t always a recipe for disaster (remember the awesomeness that was Wintergreen), but given the edit from the werkroom as I was really worried about them.



There is no doubt that Eureka chose Frankie as her partner because she thinks she will have an advantage due to Frankie’s extrovert personality and as Cracker said Frankie was “the one who was already in drag”, but it could all go wrong with such strong personalities working together.

Credit: RuPaul’s Drag Race/Twitter

Ru also dropped the bombshell that the duos would have to record a homemade “RuTube” video for “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent”.

As the runway came around, it seemed like there were going to be a few issues but what was really lovely to see was that all the social media influencers seemed to be very open to the challenge and there was no risk of a runaway makeover contestant (as happened in a previous season).

We also discover the names that the newest Drag superstars will be using, including the incredibly clever “Short Change” for Tyler Oakley.

Kameron and Kelly Michaels

Eureka and Eufreaka O’Hara

Asia and America O’Hara

Miz Cracker and Miz Cookie

Aquaria and Caprica Corn (I have to say maybe I missed the connection in this choice)

Monét X Change and Short Change

With the runway look, and their RuTube video, it felt like Aquaria and Caprica did feel really disconnected and that Capricia looked like the ugly sister to Aquaria’s rich bitch sister, and the judges saw a similar disconnect as well and Aquaria did receive one of the harshest critiques of the week.  She was VERY lucky to not have ended up in the Lipsync, I think she will need to up her game next week.

Other than Aquaria, Kameron and Monét received the harshest critiques and I do think they were the correct two to end up in the Lipsync but a huge part of me wanted it to be between Monét and Aquaria (if only to bring Aquaria’s ego back in check) because I am definitely Team Kameron.  It was frustrating that Monét found herself in the bottom given the judges loved HER look especially her big hair but it really wasn’t enough.

In spite of any fear the audience or Cracker may have had about Miz Cookie, there is no doubt that Chester brought his A-Game to the challenge and he looked flawless.

Mini-Challenge: Trade

Mini-Challenge Winners: Eureka

Main Challenge: Social Media Kings Into Queens

Runway Theme: Drag Family Values

Main Challenge Winner: Miz Cracker

Bottom Two: Kameron Michaels & Monét X Change

Lip Sync Song: “Good as Hell” by Lizzo

Shantay You Stay: Kameron Michaels

Sashay Away: Monét X Change

We were so happy to see Miz Cracker finally win her first challenge, and she was the rightful winner for us given how amazing Miz Cookie looked as a package and how well they worked together and you could definitely believe they were drag sisters.



Kameron finds herself in the Lipsync for the second week in a row, but yet again she shows what a showgirl she really is and we were treated to another cracking Lipsync.  In the end Monét was the one to be going home and there is no doubt she will be missed as will her trusty sidekick her sponge.

So finally we are down to our final 5, and shit is going to get real, with only two NYC queens left in the competition. Will NYC beat out the rest of the girls when Drag Race returns to VH1 on June 7.

There is no episode next week so I will catch you in two weeks.




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