RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: Gypsies, Tramps, And Thieves Bring Cher: The Unauthorised Rusical To The Runway

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Welcome back to our RuPaul’s Drag Race “RuCap” and this week sees us up to episode 8 and there is no doubt it was all high camp and drama for our girls this week.

The Vixen was still reeling from the runway last week where every queen APART from Eureka (who she attacked for no good reason) said that she should be the one to go home, and let us all agree that she had a lucky escape to survive for another week.

The mini challenge of the week was called “Slap Out Of It” where the Queens had to goad Mama Ru into stage bitch slapping them, and in Miz Cracker’s case stage stabbing her. The winner of the challenge was who had the best reaction to it. Asia O’Hara won the mini challenge due in NO small part to the fact that Ru actually slapped her, and Asia took it like a champ.

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Ru revealed the main challenge, with the help of a video from Drag Race royalty Chad Michaels, which will be Cher: The Unauthorized Rusical. Each Queen was given a different era Cher, and they would be singing live with the help of Todrick Hall who was taking the girls through their rehearsals and choreography. Ru also dropped the fact that the queens will be singing live!! There was the added pressure that Cher would be RuPaul’s specialist subject on Mastermind.

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Kameron Michaels – 60s Cher
Monét X Change – 70s Variety Show Cher
The Vixen – 70s Variety Show Cher (Jackson 5)
Aquaria – Disco Cher
Asia O’Hara – 80s Movie Star Cher
Eureka O’Hara – Rock Star Cher
Miz Cracker – Comeback Cher

In the werkroom during RuPaul’s walk around, the conflict between The Vixen and Eureka was brought up to both parties and The Vixen’s reactions were downright rude, and although it may have been down to the edit it appeared that Ru definitely picked up on her bad attitude. It is clear that the other queens definitely saw what was going down. Her bad manners continued in the rehearsals when Eureka was struggling with overcoming nerves about singing live and doing the choreo.

During the live performance, Kameron Michaels pulled it out with 60s Cher and she was definitely one of the strongest performers and I was so pleased to see Kameron finally getting the recognition she deserves as she is one of my favourites of the season. I was getting a bit worried that she wouldn’t ever get a chance to shine through and that could have been her ticket home.  Eureka overcame her nerves to give us the rock star Cher so many of us will be used to seeing and she definitely put a Eureka twist on it as well. At the other end, it seemed that The Vixen had forgotten that she was meant to be Cher as her performance as 70s Variety Show Cher was just all kinds of ugly and this was a view shared by the judging panel which this week included American Horror Story star Billy Eichner and Broadway star Andrew Rannells. Asia also struggled with her Cher portrayal and in spite of a strong runway look she found herself in the bottom two this week.

Monét continued her run of being awesome with a strong performance as 70s Variety Cher and a glitter tastic runway look.

When it came to the runway, Aquaria saved herself from being in the bottom with an amazing runway look, and Kameron really brought her A game and she looked amazing.

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Here’s hoping Kameron will continue to shine and show the other queens that she is a force to be reckoned with.


Mini-Challenge: Slap Out Of It

Mini-Challenge Winners: Asia O’Hara

Main Challenge:  Cher: The Unauthorized Rusical.

Runway Theme: Glitter – ific

Main Challenge Winner: Kameron Michaels

Bottom Two: The Vixen & Asia O’Hara

Lip Sync Song: “Groove is in the Heart” by Deee-lite

Shantay You Stay: Asia O’Hara

Sashay Away: The Vixen

The judges definitely made the right choice with who went home this week, especially this was the third time in a row that The Vixen had been in the Lip Sync and there is no doubt that her attitude hadn’t helped either.

Now we are down to our final six queens and the competition is feeling pretty wide open and barring any twists (which let’s be real we are just waiting for), we are getting to the point where I don’t want anyone to go home now.

Well, that’s all for this week Kitty Girls and I will see you next week for whatever Ru throws at the queens.

Credit:’s Drag Race
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