RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap: “Breastworld” Brings Shocks, Surprises And Super Splits

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This week sees our final six showing off their acting chops with Breastworld with the help of Ross and Michelle, and possibly the thirstiest mini challenge in the herstory of the show.

Following The Vixen’s departure, the ladies were left with a final reminder of her mean nature with her mirror message. But she is finally gone and it feels a happier space.

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The girls got a special message from Stephen Colbert and RuPaul introduced their mini challenge “Pants Down, Bottoms Up” which saw them play matching pairs – of underwear all modelled by 20 Pit Crew members. Some of the girls were distracted to the point of forgetting the rules of the game! Even Mama Ru was enjoying the scenery.

Aquaria won the mini challenge thanks to her “pornographic” memory and she was given the power to choose who got what role in Breastworld. However, following an earlier conversation about showing sportsmanlike conduct in regards to the other girls, Aquaria let everyone choose their own roles based on the summary.  By doing this Aquaria handed the best roles to the others and she was left with what she felt was one of the weakest roles.

Aquaria – Dyslexa
Asia O’Hara – Para Salin
Eureka O’Hara – Rosie
Kameron Michaels – Muffy
Miz Cracker – Julie
Monét X Change – Viv

When it came to filming, the girls were helped by Ross and Michelle and there is no doubt that not all the queens can either act or take direction well at all. Asia STOLE the show Para Salin, and helped the whole segment as without her it would have dragged (and not in a good way). Monét was also hilarious as Viv and she was able to ad lib, and in spite of her fears Aquaria played Dyslexa really well and she got a few chuckles.  Eureka and Kameron had it all to do on the runway to save themselves after a lacklustre performance.

In spite of a strong runway critique, it was clear that Kameron was going to be in trouble. Eureka didn’t have her best week as she was given harsh notes on both her Breastworld performance and her runway look. Aquaria’s runway look fell short as the panel didn’t feel she played the old lady in the best way.

Mini-Challenge: Pants Down, Bottoms Up
Mini-Challenge Winners: Aquaria
Main Challenge:  Breastworld
Runway Theme: Silver Foxy
Main Challenge Winner: Asia O’Hara
Bottom Two: Kameron Michaels & Eureka O’Hara
Lip Sync Song: “New Attitude” by Patti LaBelle
Shantay You Stay: Kameron Michaels & Eureka O’Hara
Sashay Away: No One

Kameron and Eureka SLAYED their Lipsyncs and it was anyone’s game as to who would go home. Kameron was saved, and just as we were all getting the emotion of having to lose Eureka, RuPaul delivered the twist we have all been waiting for when Ru saved Eureka as well!!! Thank God for that as I couldn’t deal with two of my favourites being in the Lipsync when I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to either of them.

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So we still have six queens and who knows what will happen next, what we do know is that there are only two more weeks of competition before the reunion episode, and the grand final. Will the winner be decided in the same way as last year with sudden death lipsyncs because barring any other twists there will be four queens going into the finals.

Well, that’s all for this week squirrelfriends and I will see you next week even more drama and excitement as we barrel towards the finale.

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