Ruby Tries To Find “Shelter From The Storm” As Reign Sets Her In Her Sights On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week saw the deaths of Pestilence and Purity, which makes us wonder why they were even there to begin with. Their powers did flow into Reign after death, so it looks like Reign may be the Blight now. Of course, she is. She’s just full on God-Mode now. Sam, however, is hanging on with memories of Ruby, writing her daughter’s name all over caves in the Valley of Juru on another plane of existence. Kara felt betrayed by Lena experimenting on Sam and knowing the truth about Reign without telling them. Lena, however, didn’t want to get involved with the government and have Sam blamed for what Reign did. James told Lena about being Guardian and Lena told James that she was synthesizing Kryptonite.

This week, Reign has Ruby in her sights.

So let’s see where the goes, shall we?

Where’s Ruby? James and Lena totally had sex in her hotel room home. Lena is glad that she can tell James her secrets. Of course, the romance is ruined when Reign bursts in demanding where Ruby is. Lena sprays her with spray Kryptonite and she leaves. With J’onn and M’rynn, he offers to help his father with his memories before going to send off the Legion. Apparently, the most of the Legionnaires got the Blight and have been in stasis since. Now their vitals have stabilized, and the Legion can return home. They need to make sure the Titan Alliance held with the changes to the timeline. Everyone says goodbye to the various members of the Legion. Kara needs to leave to go handle Lena’s situation. Lena is a bit chilly with Kara, unsurprisingly given what James told her. She also shares that Reign can be subdued with electricity, which has Winn off like a shot. Alex is able to get Lena to tell her where Ruby is: the Luthor mansion. It’s apparently invisible.

Visits: J’onn and Kara arrive at Patricia’s home, who quickly figures out that Sam is Reign. When Kara asks how she knows, Patricia leads Kara to Sam’s room where she shows what’s underneath the wallpaper. Sam has been drawing the Worldkiller symbol as a child. Honestly, lady, you should have called a tipline. Patricia admits that she was an awful mother to Sam and wants to stay to try to reach her daughter. At the Luthor mansion, Ruby’s nanny leads Alex around and finally to Ruby. She’s full of questions that Alex deflects. J’onn and Kara talk about M’rynn who has become depressed and irritable since the DEO incident. He shares what’s going on with Kara, who tries to offer comfort in her own way. All the plants start dying which means that Reign does have Pestilence’s powers and has arrived. (I still can’t believe no one saw that.) Reign arrives and shows that she has perfect control over Purity and Pestilence’s powers. Of course, she does. She heads upstairs where she believes Ruby is only to find Kara who shoots her with an electric net of some kind. She uses Purity’s powers to knock out both J’onn and Kara. Patricia comes out to try to reach Sam, but Reign stabs her with Pestilence’s claws. Kara is able to throw Reign into the attic. She and J’onn bring Patricia back to the DEO for treatment. On the ship, Brainy has bugged Winn’s gift and learns that Reign has all the Worldkillers abilities. He informs Mon-El and tells him that the chances of Kara defeating her alone would jump with a Legionnaire helping. Reign doesn’t become the Blight, according to Brainy. So they can’t stay behind. Mon-El heads off to check the pods. At the DEO, Patricia dies after talking with Kara. James tells Lena that Patricia died and tries to get her to tell Kara about the Kryptonite. Lena refuses, scared of what will happen. James, however, tells Lenathat she needs to present it in a new way. Alex also gets an update and tries to distract Ruby with promises of a movie. Ruby, howeve, swipes Alex’s phone to get some info.

Desperation: Kara is scared about what will happen now with Reign. She doesn’t know how to handle it. He tells Kara that her greatest asset is her heart, but Reign doesn’t have anything to reason with. She asks J’onn if he was able to reach a White Martian, but he didn’t. His father, however, did. He takes her to M’rynn, who tries to rebuff them. J’onn takes a form of a White Martian in order to trigger his memories. M’rynn pretended to have the beliefs of the White Martians in order to reach them, at least in terms of the religion. Only M’rynn knew the Sacred Texts after all. On the Legion ship, Imra tells Mon-El to return to Earth and Kara. She deserves a man who will be with her with his whole heart. He needs to make that decision. Lena comes to the DEO with her Kryptonite. Things get frosty with her and Kara. Lena thinks that Supergirl has a God complex. Kara thinks Lena doesn’t know just how deadly Kryptonite is to her and how much pain it puts her in. Why doesn’t she know again? Ruby, in a major case of terminal stupid, calls her mother with Alex’s phone, who, in another case of terminal stupid, left it behind. Reign listening to all the soundwaves or something, zeroes in on her.

Mommy’s Home: Reign lands at the Luthor mansion. Alex has figured out what Ruby has done. The DEO has also been alerted. It’s when Mon-El arrives since he can use the Kryptonite while J’onn is incapacitated. Reign arrives inside the mansion while Alex has Ruby hide. She readies her new gone to handle Reign and Lex’s home defenses apparently help. Alex is able to hold Reign back for Kara and Mon-El to arrive. The two of them double team her while Alex can’t get a good shot. Kara and Mon-El provide it, leading for an energy weapon. During the fight Reign’s mask comes off and Ruby gets a good look at her mother. Kara is able to stop Reign by using her own code against her. Ruby did not sin and Reign can’t kill her without breaking her code. It gives Mon-El enough time to fire Kryptonite bullets at Reign, subduing her. Alex pulls the sobbing Ruby into a hug.

Captive: They have Reign back in the Lena approved cell. Kara apologizes to Lena and offers her thanks for her Kryptonite. She just needs to understand that Kryptonite is different. Kara thanks Mon-El for coming back, who offers Brainy’s calculations as evidence for him staying behind. Kara heads off to talk with Ruby about her grandmother. J’onn returns home to find his father looking so happy and in love with mocha. M’yrnn, however, forgot about early and the conversation that they just had. Alex and Ruby have a talk about Sam and Reign. She apologizes for lying to Ruby but promises to do whatever she can to keep Ruby safe. She also promises to be honest with her. Kara and Lena both head up to visit Ruby. Lena is honest that she’s only working with Supergirl for no other reason. She also tells Kara about what James told her. Lena can never trust Supergirl again for that betrayal. Somewhere else, a young woman grabs a book and makes a break for it.

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