Kara And Mon-El Discover Something Big In “Dark Side Of The Moon” On Supergirl

Credit: CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week, the team learned of the rock of Yuda Kal, a symbol of the Kryptonian goddess of life. Coville’s cult were able to make a Worldkiller out of a human girl with it. Luckily, Kara was able to stop the process. While the rock was burned out, the team learned that there is another rock not too far away by warp drive standards.

Meanwhile, James was blackmailed by Coville’s cult about his Guardian identity. This led him to reconcile his mask vigilante identity and being a black man in America. He decided that on his own terms, he will one day come out as a hero. Just not today. Ruby tries to deal with her Mom being Reign and ends up bonding with the quickly weakening M’yrnn.

So let’s see what happens this week, shall we?

Arrival: Mon-El and Kara arrive at the meteorite, which holds a city on it. They are caught up in a tractor beam and turn the spaceship into a rock to hide themselves. J’onn and Winn on Earth prepare to hear from Mon-El and Kara with plans in place for when Reign is totally immune from Kryptonite. Alex and Ruby go out to get some ice cream after watching the Cosmos. She then takes Ruby shopping but sees them being followed. A person fires into a crowd and launche some kind of space grenade. At LCorp, Reign taunts Lena asking if she and Supergirl really need each other. She tells Lena that they only thing they can do to stop is kill her and Sam. Mon-El and Kara are staring at the city in the distance, uncertain as to how this all happened. They make plans to get the rock when they are attacked.

Arrest: Kara and Mon-El make their way into the city and quickly grab some disguises. Because clearly, they didn’t consider their outfit choices. Kara and Mon-El discuss living openly versus living with identities. Mon-El shares that he lives openly in the future, no secret identities, and it still gets exhausting. Alex takes Ruby to the DEO to report the incident that happened. She figures out that she’s the target. They believe that it’s someone from Alex’s pass. She thinks its Ronald Collins, the sheriff from Midvale. Alex asks Winn to watch out for Ruby while she handles this. Kara and Mon-El arrives to a Kryptonian memorial around the rock that they need. They are quickly surrounded and found by Kara’s mother. Well then.

Argo: Alura tells Kara that Zor-El created a shield to protect Argo. They didn’t know if it would work and sent off Kara and Kal-El as a precaution. Kara gives her mother the rundown about what happened. It turns out that the rock of Yuda-Kal is powering the city to keep the atmosphere alive. It keeps them hidden and safe. She does promise to call the High Council to ask for a little bit of the rock. For now, she would like to know her child again. At the DEO, Winn who is feeling the strain snaps at Ruby. She admits she’s exhausted to. Alex tracks down the sheriff and questions him about the park. He admits that he is a monster for what he did to Kenny, but he is not hunting down Alex. Alex gets on her pick which has been rigged to explode. J’onn and the DEO arrive on the scene where Alex hopes to set a trap. Alura takes Kara to her home, showing her a flower that was a gift from Kara’s grandmother. Kara shares her adventures with her mother. Alura admits she feels the weight of her guilt for her mistakes on Krypton. She asks her daughter’s forgiveness, which she gives. Mon-El returns their disguises and cures the son of the shopkeeper with 31st tech. Lena tells James what’s going on with Reign, but she can still flood Reign’s system with Kryptonite. He asks Lena what Sam would want him to do now even with the choice she was presented with. He tells Lena that she has the answer, even if it’s so difficult. Winn goes to see Ruby and apologize. Alex and J’onn make their move with the Alex trap. Kara and Alura go to the High Council to make her case.

Audience: Kara and Alura explain her case to the High Council and her mission. They ask her what she needs and she asks for a gift. One council member, Julus, argues that they cannot help an alien world. The trap didn’t work and Alex’s attacker is after her. As Alex chases the attacker across rooftops, Kara shares what is special about Earth. Alex catches her attacker, who is a twin-brother of some random guy who was on Fort Rozz. The Council still denies her request. The Council puts it to a vote. It’s a tie, until its won by a single vote. And the tiebreaker is the Dark Kryptonian, so she probably knows this is a fool’s errand. The Kryptonians walk Kara back to her pod. The Dark Kryptonian looks pleased that Kara is taking it with her. They’re pretty well screwed. Mon-El and Kara take off to head home. Alex talks about her purpose that J’onn had given her and how she risked her life today. Alex tries to balance her feelings with her guardianship of Ruby. Alex tries to reconcile the badass part of herself and the part that wants to be a mother. J’onn assures her that they can coexist. On Krypton, the Dark Kryptonian summons Reign who continues her speech. She noticed the kill switch and knows the darkness in her. She taunts Lena to end her. It’s too late. Kara and Mon-El arrive with the rock and the fight begins.

See you next week!

Bec Heim