HVFF London 2018: DC’s Legends Dish On Season Four, Losing Firestorm, And Shethority

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DC’s finest legends Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, and Franz Drameh joined moderator Tanavi Patel on stage at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in London this weekend to talk about the season three finale and what’s to come for season four of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Fighting as Beebo was definitely one of the finale’ highlights, but the cast themselves were a bit confused as to how the fluffy children’s toy managed to steal the spotlight. “We were all like ‘Wait a second, Beebo is the star of the show now?’ ”, joked Caity Lotz. “It’s his picture, everyone. People are dressing up as Beebo, his face is on t-shirts. What happened to us?”

One major arc this season was the introduction of the Time Bureau, and the panel teased that there will be a lot more of the Bureau next season, which means more Gary, and more Ava.

Speaking of Ava, one fan asked Caity Lotz which scene opposite Jes Macallan she enjoyed the most so far. “The scene where we’re lying in bed just under the covers, because the whole scene we just stayed in bed”, she was quick to answer. “For three hours her and I were lying in bed in our pyjamas rather than running around fighting people. That was fun.” Lotz also said that the first episode they introduced Beebo, the whole cast thought they’d ‘jumped the shark’ and gone too far because it was so incredibly ridiculous.

A young fan asked Brandon Routh what it feels like to be shrunk as ATOM. “It puts me in a lot of unique, silly situations, where I have to use my creativity and be not afraid to be silly and make fun of myself”, the actor responded. He said it’s very fun to imagine being in an ear canal, or being chased by a rat. Meanwhile, it is a bit more difficult for his scene partners, who play against nothing and just have to pretend he is there.

During this season’s crossover episode, the team had to say goodbye to Victor Garber’s character Martin Stein. The panel agree that they miss everyone who leaves the show, but that losing Garber was especially hard because he had been with them since the beginning. “The nice thing is that everyone who comes on has such a nice new energy that it still feels like a team, and the team energy continues, just in a different way on set and on camera”, Routh said.

After losing Martin, his better half Jax shortly followed. On whether we will see Jax again next season, Franz Drameh said: “I don’t know. I feel like no one is ever gone for good, you know what I mean? I had a blast working on the show and doing this character, so I’d love to be back at some point”. Routh and Lotz agreed that they want him back.

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The panel also discussed Shethority, the platform that Caity Lotz and a few of her female co-stars including Candice Patton, Emily Bett Rickards, and Danielle Panabaker created to support other girls and women. “Candice and I were hiking in Vancouver, and we were just talking about how when we come to these things we get to meet a lot of young women and girls, and we don’t really have the time to talk to them as much as we want to”, Lotz said about the reason behind the movement.

“Also, during the crossovers, all of us girls got together, where we’re used to be like the only girl on the show, and suddenly it was all of us together, and it was really nice, and we need to do this more often. So we wanted to create a platform where we can share the stuff we have learned, and also allow other people to do the same, and just really foster a sense of community where girls aren’t competing each other, but helping each other.”

“We’re going to add a website, soon”, teased Lotz. “Hopefully we can keep growing.” She also added that it’s the fans response to the platform that makes the hard work they put in worthwhile. “Seeing you guys out there with all the Shethority stuff, and hearing about much how much it means to you really gives me that boost to keep this going. It’s all for you guys”.

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns with new episodes this fall on The CW.

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